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Quotes by MusicSavesMySoul

I'd kill myself but suicide is to cliché.
The people on here are the kind of people that make my life worth living.

So today is my 14th birthday.

And i don't even think anyone remebered, not one single person said happy birthday to me.

I'm the girl who

Always feels alone.
Even in a crouded room.

When you intrduce two friends and they start hanging out and leaveing you out.
Me: Mom, I have friends!
Mom: You do?
Me: Haha no

No one ever takes me seriously.


I can't stand when girls say all guys are the same
sure maybe a lot of guys are players
But think about the rest  of the guys

who will actually love you for who you are and you wont even give him a chance because one guy you thought was nice was a player.

*Best Friend coming over*

Me: Hey
Best Friend: Hi
Best Friend: *Sees my dad*
Best Friend: Oh hey dad

Anyone else?

I used to be the kid that no
  one cared about,
but you just have to keep screaming till they hear you out.