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Quotes by MyInsaneLogic

Six Seven Eight Tripple Nine Eight Two One Two.
Anyone know what this is from? :D
And who remembers...
Brandon Cyrus
FramingMattthew <3
"Only ninjas can read this quote."
Every other quote was One Direction.
Every other quote was something to do with The Hunger Games.
The "90's kids" quotes.
When Witty almost got shut down because of too much swearing.
When the Vent button was taken away, and we all rebelled against it.
When Steve got married.
All the quotes about Steve getting married, and having kids.
Remember when there were almost NO guys at all? (No offense to guys.)
Remember when we were virtually unknown?

But lastly, do any of you remember when there wasn't ever really any fighting on here? We all stuck up for eachother no matter what?

I just want you guys to know, I'm always going to be here for you.
You can come to me for anything.

Make it so we can edit our quotes.
It really irritates me when after I upload a quote, I notice a mistake, and I can't change it.
I'm dead serious, everyone fave this so he can see it.

Thank you!! <3

It's good for you.

Just got done watching the last iCarly.
Brb, crying.

That blonde moment when I'm eating icecream, and I go to blow on it as if it were hot.
Me saying grace:

Dear Lord, thank you for food. And Ed Sheeran.

I love him, but I miss you too.
So what are you supposed to do,
when your hearts broken in two?