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Summer that changed it all
Chapter 12
"Daniel you have a
vis- "Raymon started.
Daniel and I turned to look at him ,although it was rather awkward in the place we were in. Daniel was blushing , It wasn't just me this time, his face covered in the red pigment , he looked adorable.
"Daniel Lacey's here" Raymon announced.
That alone caused my stomach to plummet , hearing her name , it brought a feeling of disgust. Of course she was here, Taylor what were you even thinking he has Lacey , beautiful , girly , well-mannered ,classy , southern Lacey . You were just something to have fun with , or better yet a charity case , because he felt bad.
"I don't want to see her " Daniel said blandly.
This took me by surprise , but I was curious why he didn't want to see her.
"Danny boy , be polite"Raymon ordered in a tone , that even I knew he couldn't argue with. He got from me , leaving me to feel cold and alone ,but I managed to stand up myself as well.
"I'll be right back"Daniel said looking me directly in the eye.Than walking into the house with Raymon.
For a few moments I just stood there , but the curiosity was eating me up on the inside I needed to know what they were saying.I silently creeped to the front of his house ,and hid behind the tree , being as subtle as I possibly could , but I had a feeling that she knew I was there.
"Lacey , I'm not going to get back together with you" Daniel stated annoyed.
"But , we are so well together " Lacey responded pleasingly.
"Maybe in you head " Daniel said with a roll of the eyes.
"It's because of her isn't it"
"What are you even talking about?"
"Taylor , that ugly , disgusting , sl.ut."Lacey said eyes snapping right toward me.Daniels eyes snapped toward me as well , noticing my presence.
Those words triggered something in me ,words that are just so familiar to me. These are the words that started my addiction , I just started walking , speed walking until, it turned into running toward my grandmother's house. Tears streaming down my face, I had a dying wish to bring a razor to the wrist.
"Don't do it Taylor "I said more as to myself the moment I got in the house.
"Don't even think about it . "A deep voice behind me said , causing me to turn around.
"Daniel , can you leave ?"I asked as pleasant as I could with remaining tears on my face.
"I would never leave you like this."He stated firmly.
"Why ?"I asked.
"Because , I'm not letting you cut now. It's not going to happen , especially over someone as dumb and insensitive as Lacey."He said sternly.
"How did you -"
"When you were grooming the horses, I know the difference between an accidental ,and cutting"He stated followed by a low mumble
"Because I used to do it myself"
"But your life is so well-rounded. Why would you even need to ?"I asked still in shock that someone who looked like him, and had life so easy could cut.
"Seems that way doesn't it , aside from the point.I need you to know now , don't ever forget this, Taylor , you're beautiful and from what I can see far from a sl.ut. She's just jealous ,because she knows she can't hold a candle compared to you."Daniel said in the most sincere voice.
"Thanks , it's just I've had a problem with this sort of stuff for a while now , hearing it is hard o accept,also it's not aside front the point , but nice distraction .If you don't mind , would you tell me your story ?"I asked nervous of what is reply would be.
He looked like he was in deep thought weighing in his options . debating on whether he wanted to tell me.
"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours"
Apologize for spacing , witty's being irritating.
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Summer that changed it all 


Chapter 11
Waking up the next morning , was like trying to get a newborn baby to talk. I felt like a dead corpse walking around , in reality I was just walking feeling enormously dizzy.
"RISE AND SHINE" Grandma yelled.
Another exciting day on the farm awaited me , and I was
immensely anxious ;for underlying reasons of course. Obviously, not to work on the farm , but to see Daniel. Deep down there was a part of me that was inquisitive for him to go into extensive detail about what he was trying to tell me last night , but I didn't want to seem desperate. I feel as if I look the same every time I work on the farm ,hair in a messy bun , denim shorts , some form of a plaid top and goloshes. Like one of those cartoon shows such as sponge bob , where they wear the same kind of clothes in every episode yet , nobody ever questions it. It was irritating , but something I was going to have to live with until, I found the time to purchase a sewing machine at a nearby store if I could find one. On my way to meeting Daniel thoughts of last night were invading my head , making me apprehensive about even going today ,but I knew grandma would be angry with me if I didn't show. If it wasn't already obvious I love to procrastinate when it comes to my problems , I just hate dealing with them.
"Morning' sunshine."Daniel greeted me.
"Morning" I responded half awake.
I felt an abrupt chill feeling on my face , it was freezing cold water.
"DANIEL!"I screamed.
"Yes"He responded innocently.
"Was it necessary to spray me with a hose?Really ?"
"Yeah , you looked dead. "
"The only one who's going to look dead is you. "I said grabbing the hose from his hand spraying him with it.
"Oh he// no . This is war "He replied.
Eventually we were both drenched in water from head to toe , as if there was a torrential down pour. I tried knocking him down to the ground , but I failed he took me by the hips bombarding me into the ground. Best part was , I tripped him forcing him to fall too. He fell right on top of me using his hands to resist his weight from killing me. His face was merely an inch away from mine, looking into those hazel eyes was mesmerizing , I didn't want to ever stop. However ,
I did stop to look as something that just couldn't be ignored, his lips which was the worst thing I could have possibly done ,for moments I just stared at those full luscious pinkish colored lips. They were so inviting as if teasing me ,until I felt them come in contact with my own. It felt so nice , soft , un explainable I had never had a kiss like this in my entire life span of seventeen years. I felt myself wanting more ; bringing my hands up to the back of his head grabbing his hair roughly. Until , we got interrupted by the sound of Raymons voice
"Daniel you have a vis-

Summer that changed at all

Chapter 10
"Alright guys , well I'm going to ditch out for a sec. Taylor come with ?" Daniel asked.
I looked back at the group of boys than to Daniel ;than hesitantly agreed with the fear of being in an uncomfortable awkward situation .
All behind us were the boys doing wolf whistles ; shouting vulgar things such as
"You go Daniel!"
"getting it in "
It was troublesome to ignore at first ,until Daniel whispered seductively in my ear
"Hey , ignore them they're just being guys"
This brought up my mood immensely ,and I'm not sure why he brought up mood so easily with the smallest thing it was peculiar yet, very comforting.
" Where are we going ?"I asked awkwardly.
"The teacups " He answered proudly.
"The teacups?"I asked thinking he was joking.
"Is there a problem with the teacups?"He asked with raised eye brows.
"No it's just - "I started.
"It's just you were expecting something totally cliché like the ferris wheel, where I would commit my love to you than give you a kiss and fulfill all your fantasies"He cut me off with a smug smile.
"HOW DID YOU KNOW I HAD FANTASIES ABOUT YOU ?"I retorted quickly. Than realized what words had just left my mouth; wishing that they hadn't. Than under instinct I covered my mouth with my hand. I felt my face heating up rapidly like a house on fire in the middle of the woods. Daniel burst out into hysterical laughter ; as if I wasn't self-conscious enough.
"I-I-I was joking. "He said in between laughs.
"Shut up"I said crossing my arms under my chest sure of the fact that my face was still flaming.
After , maybe a good five minutes he finally stopped laughing to my personal relief.
"Can we go on the tea cups now?"I asked annoyed.
"Oh , so now you want to go on the tea cups. I see"He teased.
I just walked straight toward the tea-cup ride stubbornly. Sitting in a pink teacup with a scowl on my face ,and a following Daniel.
"You know Taylor , you really know how to make a guy feel like less of a man "He commented.
"Oh you know you love the color pink "I joked.
"Only on you" He said with a wink .I blushed immediately ;this control he has over me just needs to end.
"Are you always this flirtatious ?"I asked him.
"Do you always blush this much ?"He retorted.
I ignored his question , luckily for me that was the moment the ride started. It started spinning like crazy causing me to smile like a child on Christmas morning. I loved rides it always made me feel happy and free a like bird well kinda. At some time during the ride I caught Daniel staring at me , and honestly I probably looked like the biggest idiot in the world. Thing is I didn't care ; I was happy at that time and that's all that mattered. Eventually , the ride did have to end.You could hear the children letting out groans ; ,and asking their parents to go on again.I couldn't blame them ; somewhere on the inside I wanted to go on again. However, that would only lead to Daniel having rights to embarrass me and I couldn't have that. He helped me off the ride like a true gentleman. Than it got me thinking about what was going on in his head. Was it possible that he had feelings for me to; that these emotions I was having weren't completely one-sided ? I mean it would be really awkward if I was the only one noticing this sexual tension. I wanted to ask so bad ,but I was afraid that he would laugh in my face. It was like a constraint ,but I was going to save myself the embarrassment ,so I resisted myself from saying anything.
"Hey Daniel , mind if we go home ?"I asked , because frankly I don't think I could take anymore of these fair events without completely blurting out my feelings for him.
"Not at all , this place it turning into the drag. "He responded . Thank god;I don't know how much longer of this agony I could take.
We walked back toward his motorcycle which was still horrid , but I'd rather face my fear of motor cycles than be stuck at the fair.It was dark as well causing my heart rate to accelerate.
Once we were on the bike and situated he simply said the words
"Don't worry , just hold on and trust me."
I did exactly that ;I was still frightened ,but yet relaxed at the same time. Eventually the ride of hell was over , but I must admit a ride that  was fifteen minutes felt like at least an hour.
"Night Daniel "I said walking toward my house , but he stopped me by his hand catching my arm so I faced him.
"Taylor , I just thought you should know I have fantasies about you too. "He stated . I just stood there shocked , and did what I was best known for blushed like crazy making him chuckle.
"You're cute when you blush , night Taylor. "He said walking toward his house. I just stood there stunned , at a loss for words. Was that his way of telling me he liked me to ,or was I just assuming things ; I suppose I would never know. He really knows how to mess with a persons thought process. I trudged my way back into grandmas house as quietly as I could ; being as it was already late at night and she was fast asleep. There was one thing I knew I wasn't getting any sleep tonight.

Summer changed it all

Chapter 9 (Part 3)

"Not really "I said with a shrug. 
"Oh well , he'll get to you sometime."She said smugly.
"What are you implying ?"I asked confused. 
"Oh nothing , Daniel just likes to get close with girls. "She responded. 
"A - lot of girls. "Sarah added. 
"Oh , thanks for the warning "I said quietly. 
"You're welcome "Lacey said with a squeaky voice turning around from me all the others following. 
Of course I was right. He did have a multitude of girls just like i thought. This was just a plain confirmation. Than why did i feel so hurt ? I knew it this entire time yet i still felt hurt. I felt a tap on the back of my shoulder. I turned around to a confused Daniel.

"Where'd they all go ?"He asked.
"No idea"I responded quietly. Hopefully , my hurt wasn't showing. Although , i had an odd feeling it was. 
"Well em' , come hang out with me and the guys. "He said with a smile.
"Okay "I said with a smile back at him. 
I walked with him up until we reached this group of guys. All extremely attractive , yet just not quite as attractive as Daniel.  
"Taylor , this is Kyle he loves food anything food go to him , right fatty ?"Daniel asked playfully. 
"Only thing fat is the size of my muscles "He said flexing his i must say large muscles. I giggled. 
"That is Mike , he can beat the living hell out of anyone you want him to ." He said pointing to the buff man .He looked like a huge body builder. Definitely an intimidating guy. 
"Jake , and jack their annoying twins , but extremely loyal "He said pointing to identically attractive guys.
"And lastly , this is my main guy Jason we've been tight since grade school. "He said introducing a hot looking guy with light brown hair and light blue eyes. He was quite yummy himself.
"Everyone , this is Taylor. She's visiting from the city for the summer. "Daniel introduced. They all looked at me with smiled in which i smiled back. They all seemed genuinely nice. 
"OOH TALK "The twins chorused.Than everyone else joined in with the exception of Daniel who just laughed.
"Hi ?"I said. 
"Whoa , definitely a northerner"Jason said . 
"Damn straight " Daniel responded . 
"Now now ,  don't  tell me you're a little b.tch "Daniel said to me.
"Oh , and what's that supposed to mean " I responded.
"That means are you going to whine and be scared when we go on rides. "He said. 
"You know , you really don't know me well"I responded.
"Well than let me get to know you "He said taking a step closer his eyes not leaving mine.
"Alright "I responded holding our stares.
"Guys , save the hook up session for later please"Jason said. Causing us both snap our heads to glare at him.
With that , we went on a bunch of rides. Ring of fire , graviton , the zipper , exc. All fair like rides. It was a blast. They were honestly some of the funniest people i had ever met. Also , even after the little run in before i knew i still liked him. At this point i really didn't care what some random girls had to say about it. 
"Alright well guys, i'm gonna ditch out for a sec. Taylor come with ?"He asked .
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Summer changed it all 

Chapter 9 (part 2)

"I'm fine"I said wrapping my arms around him. Flashing him one of my famous fake smiles that always worked on anyone. Even my own mother.
He gave me a long hard look. I felt as if he could see right through me and that fact alone scared me. Eventually , he dropped it and turned around turning on the motorcycle. As soon as i felt the engine rev up i immediately tightened my grip around hid waist. There was no room between my chest and his back. That is how closer we were. I was scared for my life , but than when he actually started to drive i visibly noticed myself relax. It felt so free , nice , reckless  there wern't enough words in the dictionary to explain this feeling. 
"Now that's more like it "I heard Daniel comment . Even though it was hard to hear him through the wind. We passed by all this farm land. It was so amazing how many animals there are. How much farmland there is. There wasn't much civilization it was basically the opposite of what i was used to. I wasn't sure whether i liked it or not , but it was definitely something. We had finally stopped into this cute little town which was filled with cars. You could see this fair from the distance with the Ferris wheel and all. Also , you could hear all the voices. It looked quite event full. We took off our helmets and stepped of the bike.
"Let's go "Daniel commented grabbing me by the hand dragging me with him by surprise. I let out a small yelp , it was hard to keep up with him and his long strides. 
"Are - We- Almost - There- "I said nearly out of breath.
"Cant keep up?"He asked confidently. 
"You're - so - fast"I said starting to catch my breath.
"Oh , i know darlin ' "He said with a wink. I just rolled my eyes.
"Now let me introduce you to some lovely ladies "He said walking up to a bunch of beautiful girls.

"Lacey , Sarah , Samantha , Rebbecca and Natalie "He introduced than walked away just like that.
Yeah , definitely not a date. Taylor you're a silly silly girl. 
"Hi " They all chorused."
"Hi" I responded shyly. 
"So , you're from the north ?"Samantha asked. I just nodded.
"You have such a strong accent " Natalie added. Once again , i just nodded.
Than out came Lacey with her question  , 
"So , you and Daniel . Are you guys close ?"She asked pleasantly with some form of deceit  i could just tell. 

Summer that changed it all

Chapter 9
Getting ready was going to be different today i wanted to look good. Regardless of whether this was a date or all in my head i knew i wanted to look good. I decided to wear a pair of white lace shorts , with a loose fitting maroon long sleeve shirt with a side pocket with maroon vans, curled hair , light makeup, and gold hoops. The whole outfit flowed nicely. There was a knock at the door ,and i automatically knew it was Daniel. I smiled to myself walking to the door to greet him.
"Hey "I said with a smile . 
"Hey , ready to go ?" He asked with a smile . 
"Yeah" I said coming outside expect to see one of those hideous things that goes by the name of pick up trucks. Instead I stared back at a Harley Davidson bad as* black motorcycle. It took me by surprise , i had a huge fear of motorcycles. I was not going to share that with him though , that would be giving him satisfaction. So , i decided to bravely just sit on the motorcycle in expectation of him to join me. Except , that's not how things went. To my own mortification I fell right on my butt trying to get on. I looked up to a chuckling Daniel with his hand out offering me assistance. I really shouldn't try to pull off the tough girl act it doens't suit me. I took his hand , he pulled me up without any effort needed. He lightly placed the helmet on my head. Gently touched my chin fastening the straps. 
"Thanks "I mumbled.
"You are welcome"He said in a normal voice getting on the bike and placing his own helmet on easily as if it was second nature.
"You coming ?"He said with a smirk. Just staring at me. I gave him a sarcastic look ,and than got on.
"You know that requires actual physical contact with me , scary i know but you'll actually have to wrap your arms around my waist unless you have a death wish. "He said. Something he said about a death wish sent my brain off. Just that sentence enough was enough to get me thinking about my addiction. He must have noticed something was up , because he asked with a concerned look
"Are you okay ?" 


My thought process of the night .



-Oh , the little after party is cute .


-Hey , let's go play some candy crush .

- candy , candy , ooh ice cream sounds mad good tonight . 


*Oliver disrupts entire night * 

-midnight , ah sh.t i need to update .

- 1 37 am make this quote .

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Summer that changed it all 

Chapter 8 
I woke up . My eyes fluttering open . I didn't realize where i was . Blue walls , i don't have blue walls . I felt my arm wrapped in something warm , breathing ,Did i accidentally fall asleep in the farm ?I looked up to see Daniel ?DANIEL ?Than i recalled .All thoughts of last night flooded through my head . Thoughts of not wanting to be there out of discomfort of a hot boys bedroom . The thoughts of being able to express passions with someone else . The thoughts of catching grandma. The thoughts of being v/rgin girl for the night , but more than anything the thoughts of what it felt to be pressed up against his chest . How nice it felt to be comforted by him. What sucks though , is he probably didn't feel the same way . He has probably done this with some many girls before .You're just another name to add to his list .What's worse is i think i'm actually starting to like him .I shook my head , than realized i was still wrapped in his arms and he was sleeping . I just did the logical thing and ran out of his arms , out of the bedroom , out of the house . All the way over to grandmas house . Once i got there i was out of breath . There grandma stood in the middle of the kitchen making breakfast . 
"Grandma "I panted out . 
"Good morning Taylor "She responded happily .
"How come I woke up over there ?How come you're over here ?"I asked finally catching my breath . 
"Well , me and Raymon went up to go up to give you guys dinner , but you were already asleep . You two just looked so gosh darn cute we didn't want to wake you up . So , we figured we'd just leave you there til' morn-in ' " Grandma explained . 
"Dinner r i-i-ight . "I said hinting i knew what happened grabbing a piece of bacon sitting on the stool . 
Once grandma picked up my reference her face got redder than a tomato . 
"We did make dinner .."Grandma stated . 
"Yeah , with others tongue "I murmured . Grandmas mouth dropped . 
"TAYLOR !" Grandma scolded . 
"What ?"I asked innocently .
"that was inappropriate "Grandma said with her nose up . 
My grandma just giggled and was like "I know "
Oh ,grandma .The cuteness of this relationship is unattainable .
"So no farm today ?"I asked . 
"Well , since we work on Sunday we take Monday off . "Grandma explained . 
That was so weird for be it was going to be hard to get used to . 
We continued to eat our break fest in peace , until there was a knock on the door . 
"Will , you go and get that darling ? " Grandma asked . 
"sure" I responded . 
At the other side of the door revealed a shirtless Daniel in hollister sweatpants . DO NOT LOOK TAYLOR .DO NOT LOOK . I ordered myself , yet i knew right in front of me was a nice perfectly tan six pack . I attempted to keep my eyes drawn on his face , and for the most part it worked . Once i started to get even a little glance i snapped my head right back up . 
"Howdy "He said . 
"Hey "I responded . 
"Why'd you leave in such a hurry ?"He asked with a confused face which looked a tinge hurt . 
"  I just didn't;t know what else to do .."I said trailing off .
"You could have woken me up "He suggested with a grin . Yes , but than i would've talked with you more . Melted at your facial expressions more . Liked you more . This is going to be a very painful summer . 
"Heh , yeah sorry about that "I said lamely . 
" Are you alright ?You seem a little off today ?"He asked  concerned . 
"I'm just fine "I responded . Other than the fact  , that i might like you . This was agonizing . 
"Alright , than how about later tonight . I'll take you to the fair and introduce you to some girls so you could meet more people in the area ?"He asked with a smile .
"That sounds good . "I responded with a smile. This was confusing me ,
Did he just ask me out on a date or was this just southern hospitality ?