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the name is christina. I'll edit this later.

my brother. idk what i'd do without him (:

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If you could take 3 people to dinner, who would they be?
any three people in the world.
they can be fictional characters, dead, family, famous, etc.
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It took me a while to realize.

to realize how much it didn't really matter.

because if you surround your life,

by all the negativity and paranoia,

you're not going to get the chance to live it.

and I think that as long as you're happy,

that's all that matters now.

you're not going to get another chance at life,

other than this.

and to be honest?

everythings going to kill you.

you're dying everyday.
you can either die everyday,

or live everyday.

but guess what?

I'm living everyday.

 Why is called the


  the prefix of constitution is con.
 con is usually what you say about

a product when you don't like it.
 So maybe it should be pro. 
 like the pros of the constitution.
 then it would be prostitu...

Ok, nevermind.



Did you know? 
every character in winnie the pooh has a disability. 
winnie the pooh - eating disorder
piglet - general anxiety disorder
rabbit - OCD
tigger - ADHD   
eeyore - depression
christopher robin - schizophrenic
kanga/roo - codependent
owl - dyslexia
see? winnie the pooh shows that just because you have a disability, doesn't mean you can't have friends. 
because everyone is special, no matter what society thinks.             


The truth is like Houdini.

no matter what you do with it, it will always escape.

I found a really cool discovery today. If you type your password onto facebook, it will show.
But the second you press the share button, it will turn into stars. Allow me to demonstrate: ******.
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Jeremy Really?! Cool! I want to try! My password is 'ilovejustinbieber6' 

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Bob >:D

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 Sometimes, I wish
  I could be one of my friends for a day, to see what its like to hang out with me.
nmq -nmf

 you were born in the 90's if you can:
make a letter out of   the  following  lines:
| | |
  | | |  

Dear Friend Arguing with Parents,
 should I go now?
sincerely, in the corner petting the dog. 

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