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I'm Amanda, and who the heck are you? I am a feshman this fall &  can't wait! I am usually dancing in class and anywhere else! I also play soccer and volleyball.I love the beach & instagram: @ Amanda_9 .

.  Questions? HMU :)
Just remember: you are flawless!
I took a short break from Witty but now I'm back, I'm glad to see that others have come back too! Have a great day :)


 She wasn't brought up that way -Taylor Swift- !!  Scrolling

Quotes by Nevergrowup9

What do guys play more... 

girls or xbox?


Plot twist: Everyone stopped using this format and making these quotes.
I did'nt change...
you just never really knew


Unless you've walked a mile in my shoes

you have no room to judge.



 opens a door to a new day.


Words can't hurt,

unless you let them...


Welcome to America, 
in our society losing your phone is a bigger deal than losing your virginity.
[Enjoy your stay!

What's ment tbe

find i'ts way



 Whatever you do. . .

I'll never stop loving you.