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i need to sort everything out. too much has been going on.
goodbye  for  now.  you  guys  are  amazing.


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its my birthday.(:

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confession #5
it was a year ago today that my little sister Abigail comitted suicide, I miss her so much.
words hurt, don't throw them around like they're nothing, because just one comment can push someone just a little to far to get them to harm someone else or themselves,
R.I.P Abigail, I miss you, I love you.

to my 109 followers,

wow, how am I going to say this?
I only just realised how many followers I have, I honestly have the biggest smile on my face.
i freaking love you guys so much, it means the world to me how kind you guys are.
you guys are always here for me, and you are all so amazingly supportive of everything.
you favourite my quotes, and really care about me, and i want you all to know i think you are amazing.
some of you really stand out to me and are always making me smile;
namemypass, ImDancingRightNow, Godismysavior just to name the first few commenting on my page.
namemypass; you're the main reason we're back together, you made sure she saw it, then she instantly asked to be back together again, we spent all yesterday together and it was amazing, you really helped us through that so i thought i'd thank you and let you know that seems how you have helped us so much that if you ever need anything, advice, or even just someone to talk to Claire and I are always here.
many of you are so kind and you really make my day, i wish i could go through a follow every single one of you back, but it would be a little tiring going through 109 followers, but if you'd really like me to follow you, please just let me know and i will as soon as i can, i promise, i swear on my life.
thank you all so much, you have no idea how much this means to me, i love you guys!

-Oliver / Ollie

favourties on the quote
for claire to see it.
she saw it, and is now at my house, yes, we're back together, and I'm the happiest guy alive, thank you so much for all of your support, I love you guys, all of you wittians are so beautiful and wonderful, keep smiling, because those who helped, you've make my life a zillion times better, thank you, thank you so much.

if you people ever need
any sort of help, someone
to talk to, some advice,
anything really, I'm here.


come on, lets be honest here,
is who you are now really you?
do you really want to dress like that?
do you want to always worry about your looks?
have to always be up to date on 'gossip'?
do you really want this, really, do you?
is this honestly you? come on, be honest


lets change that, shall we?
from now on, I dare you to be yourself.
go to school, without any make-up on.
do your hair however you like it.
show everyone your beautiful smile.
listen to the music you want.
be you, the real you.
forget what everyone else thinks.
and just live life to the fullest,
you deserve it, life is short
so live it up.
i dare you too.

dear claire,
I know we broke up and that you keep refusing to talk to me, and we keep growing further apart.
I've been trying to put on this brave face, and act like everythings is okay, act like I'm okay, but I'm not.
Now that you're gone, nothing is right, nothing I do seems to have a point anymore, I really miss you.
I've been spending my nights lying in bed staring at the roof wondering what happened, why me?
Writing zillions of those songs, but they aren't happy one's anymore, but they're all about us, I miss us.
Watching all your favourite movies and remembering how we used to watch them, cuddling, happy.
How at school we could just ignore people's comments, because people didn't understand, I love you.
I don't care what anybody else thinks, Claire. I miss you more than anything, I need here right now.
And I know you won't answer your door late at night, avioding me even more, its quite cold really.
But I still love you, and you can't deny you miss us, even just a tiny little bit, I know I do a lot.
How I'd run to your house at 3 in the morning to kiss you in the rain, just because you love it.
Whenever you were sad I'd be over there instantly, you could tell me everything, you told me everything.
You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met and seen, ever thought of, you're the only one I love, Claire.
People keep saying to me "maybe its time to move on, there is plenty of fish in the sea", I always say 'No'.
You're my nemo, the one who means the most and the one who makes me more happy than anyone.
I used to be such a bad person, then I met you and you made everything better, everything, Claire.
I was happy, I didn't need to drink to get my mind off things, I made better friends, it was all good.
I can't stop thinking about you, and how you just look at me and your friends pull you away makes me sad.
I have no idea what I did, I have no idea if somebody said something, it would have been a lie.
I'd never try or want to hurt you, ever, never ever. You mean the world to me. You're my world.
I miss your beautiful smile, wonderful eyes, brilliant blonde hair, I miss your cuddles, kisses, poems.
I miss you, baby. Please; just come back to me, I need you, I miss you so much
i love you, claire bear.

*please guys, please favourite this, Claire needs to see this, It would be amazing if it was in the top-quotes, she couldn't miss it, please.
I miss her so much, and I need her to know all of this right now.


confession #4
claire and i broke up, and i hate it.

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confession #3
i honestly just hate change. It just ruins things.

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confession #3
i have a sister who is autistic and other family members
with different disabilites, so I hate it when people joke
about disabled people, once a guy at my school made
a comment about my sister, he wound up in hospital.
i've done things i regret, but he deserved that. 

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