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& also marks the starting of my new story, which will be started soon. Any original Ideas? Thanks :)

One Last Breath-twelve;

Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric.
Okay. Now shut up, self.
I don't know why Eric won't call me back.
"What did you want, Vic?"
"You, Eric."
He made a sound that signaled his annoyance. I didn't want him to hang up on me. Someone who was with Eric, a guy, shouted "Who is it?"  from across the room.
"I'm coming over," I told him.
"No, Vic. You don't have to do tha-"
I hung up, called Mariah, and we went over to Eric's house. When we got there, his friend Kenney immediately noticed Mariah. She immediately noticed him, also.
"Hey, Eric."
"Why are you in my house...?"
"Spit it out."
"I decided you were going to take me back."
"Oh, did you?"
"I did."
"No," he said. I wondered when he got so confident.
I took this as a challenge. I kissed him. He pulled away, and made me feel worthless.
"Why not?"
I guess I normally would have been offended by this, but surprisingly I wasn't.
"Please," I begged.
Our eyes locked, and I was going to win this staring contest. Don't look away. Don't look away. Don''t look away.
. You are so annoying."
I'm really not. I just want you back."
"Who said I'd take you back?"
Another challenge? Yes. We kissed again, but this time he didn't pull away. I caught him. After about twenty seconds, I pulled away. Eric didn't like that idea, though, so he kissed me again. A smile creeped up on his face.
The night was going good for me, as well as Mariah.
"Kenney asked me to go to Destiny's party with him," she said.
"Damn, get me an invite?"
"Done. You need a date."
"Got one," I winked.

Hey, Readers :)

I just wanted to ask you guys if I should continue my story. I'd also like to ask if you guys have any suggestions for me. Is the font too small? Is it annoying to look at? Are the parts too short?
In the next part, I'm going to try a new font, because, while looking over them, it strained my eyes.

*Please comment, telling me if I should continue.*


 One Last Breath-eleven;

Eric: u r going out with pat?
Me: Yeah :)
Eric: oh, so u dont like me anymore?
Me: eric, dont go there. u know i'll always love u. u want me to move on.
Eric: no, i dont want u to move on. i want to be with you.
Me: ??? u cant cheat on ryleigh...
Eric: ik thats why i broke up with her.
Me: then what do i do about pat?
Eric: he doesnt have to know
Me: i cant cheat
Eric: then break up w/ him.
Me: no eric, thatll hurt him...and i know what that feels like.
Eric: well text me when u figure it out or come over .

I sighed to myself. I had so much to figure out.

Pat: im moving :( i  got a scholarship to wyoming. 4 soccer.
Me: what?! :( plz tell me you're lying.
Pat: i cant. i wish i could.
Me: oh. then congrats. im really happy for you.
Pat: im sorry. i can tell ur upset. im so sorry.
Me: im not upset. after all, i've gotten used to heartbreak.
Pat: i didnt mean this. i'll be over in a second.

I had gotten that text about a second after he had arrived, which meant I didn't have enough time to hide my tears.
"Hey, baby," he said, calming.
"Oh, hi," I replied.
"I'm so sorry. Really, I am. You know what? I'm not even going to take it. If it means being here with you, I'll do whatever it takes."
"No, you have to go. Why would I want to be remembered as the girl who ruined your opportunities?"
"Come on, don't be this way."
"How can I not? We've been together for one day and you've basically already left me. I can't take much more of this."
"Fine. If you want it that way...then goodbye, Vic."
"Bye," I said with teary eyes.
He approached me with one last kiss, and left. He was gone.
One Last Breath-ten;

I felt like I had been gaining some weight. I hadn't taken my morning runs in a while. I put on my running shorts and an old T-shirt and just ran. I ran until it hurt. My stomach hurt and my legs were sore. I ran at least three miles. When I got back home, I took a long shower. Something needed to be done to get my mind off of Eric. I dried my hair, laced up my cleats, and went to the soccer field. Surprisingly, when I saw Pat there, I wasn't excited. I ran up to him, and he just stared at me.
"What's wrong?"
I was completely shocked that he could tell that something was upsetting me.
"Eric. He won't take me back. It's like he doesn't even care," my voice was wobbly, again, because even thinking about him made my heart break.
"What an idiot. How could he not want you?"
He hugged me, like a friend would, and let go quickly.
"Thanks. I hope he breaks up with that Ryleigh girl."
"I hope he doesn't."
"Then I couldn't have you."
I smiled. I was so drowned in my own emotions. There's the hot, caring guy, who shared my passion of soccer, and the cute, caring guy, who wanted the best for me. My decisions usually weren't the best, and I guessed that this one wouldn't be either. I was going to have fun with this.
"Who said I can't have you both?"
He smiled, hoping I wasn't serious. He didn't want anyone cheating on him, either. For the rest of the time, we didn't do anything but stare in each other's eyes and smile like idiots.
"It's getting late. Want to sleep over?"
"I'm pretty sure my parents would kill me if they found out I was sleeping over at a guy's house."
"Oh. Well, there was something I wanted to ask you."
"Ask away," I rushed him.
"Okay, well, I want you to go out with me. I know you and Eric still have a thing, but I just really like you and I can't help but smile when I'm arou-"
"Yes," I cut him off.
"Yes, I'll go out with you."
He smiled and kissed my forehead. The next think I new, I was at home, and I was happy.

One Last Breath-nine;

"If you really were sorry, you'd take me back. Please, please, pleaaaaaase."
"I just can't."
I flipped my arms around and showed him my wrists.
"Eric. Look. My scars are healing. It was only because of you. I need you. I really do," I pleaded.
"Vici, you don't need me," he said.
I disagreed with that more than I've ever disagreed with anything. My heart couldn't take this. It felt like heartbreak was all I've ever known. I kissed him. After about eight seconds, he pulled away, and turned around and walked away. The most random thought came to me at that second, "either that boy has been working out, or that six pack was a birthday present."
"Eric," I called after him, "Wait!"
He didn't stop walking, so I ran after him. I caught up to him, and put my arms around his neck, to hug him.
"Don't leave me," I whispered. To my surprise, he turned around. Our eyes locked. His voice was also in a whisper when he said, "How come you didn't want me so much before?"
"I don't know. I just didn't realize how much I . . . love you. You know?"
He nodded, and just stared at me without saying anything. I just stared back, hoping he'd say something. Anything.
"I'm already dating Ryleigh, Vici, I'm sorry. So sorry," he told me, sounding sincere.
"Break up with her," I said with a wobbly voice.
"No, that'll hurt her," he said, without realizing how much that one sentence hurt me.
"What about me? Did you ever think about how much you hurt me? Why did you stop loving me?"
"Who said I stopped?"
"I love you. A lot. Please take me back," I begged.
He didn't do anything but walk away from me, like I was nothing. That's exactly how I felt.

One Last Breath-seven;

The walk to the stream was extremely calming. It wasn't until, of course, I saw Eric. He was holding hands with some girl that moved here from North Carolina. She was pretty, even though I hate to admit it. Her blond hair framed her tan face and big, bright, blue eyes perfectly. She even had a southern accent. I needed to hear what they were saying. I made myself unseen by standing behind a large tree.
"Eric, I love you," the girl said.
My heart hurt, so I braced myself for the next words.
"You can't even imagine how much more I love you."
Then, they kissed, and my heart dropped. I wouldn't be surprised if it shattered into ten thousand pieces. Heartbreak is something I've never known.

I kept telling myself that I would find someone better, and that he wasn't worth my tears. All of these clichés made my stomach hurt. "SHUT UP. JUST SHUT THE HELL UP," I kept telling myself. I took my ringing phone out of my pocket to realize that I have a new message from Eric. Of course.
Eric: im sorry...
Me: please take me back
Eric: no vic i cant
Me: please eric
Eric: i've never felt this bad before......i just cant. u + pat.
Me: theres nothing going on between us, i promise. i didnt do anything..
Eric: sorry.
I knew Eric really did feel bad. I just needed to make him feel worse. Maybe he'd take me back. Maybe...

I went to bed, because the next day I was going to be attending the party of the year.
Emily Baker was having her anual summer party. This was going to be good.
One Last Breath-six;

The following morning, I made my way to the dock, regretting each step I took. With every inch closer to him, my love increased. I knew what was about to happen, but I couldn't take it. Finally, I made my way to the end of the dock. He was there, also. His eyes looked sad and full of regret for what he was about to do.
"Hi, Eric," I said with a smile.
"Vici. Hi," he replied.
"Why did you want to meet me here?"
"Well... There was something we need to talk about."
We both sat down, facing each other. We were closer than I felt was comfortable. I looked at him, my eyes telling him to continue.
"I don't think this is working out, Vic."
"Huh? You don't think what is working out?"
He then said the words I was dreading, "Us."
I immediately started tearing. "What? Why?"
"It's just obvious that you and Pat have a thing. And I don't want to get in the way of your feelings,
babe. I mean, Vic. I'm so sorry."
"No, Eric, no. There's nothing going on, please don't do this."
"I'm sorry, Vic. Really, I am."
"Eric, come on, please. I don't like him, I like you."
His eyes remained sad as he stood up, and left me there crying.
Me: i need u. @ the dock.
Mariah: coming

Mariah got here and immediately knew what happened. "You broke up with Eric?" She asked.
I shook my head.
"He broke up with you?" She asked again.
I nodded. She gasped and hugged me, like a best friend would. Like a sister would.
"I don't know."
"But didn't you want to break up with him anyway?"
"Yeah, but I didn't after he started not loving me."
"Oh, Vic. Love sucks. Boys suck. You've got me, though."
"I know."

Pat: hey im sorry about Eric.
Me: thanks. i still love him a lot. :(
Pat: i know. im talking to him now. he says he feels terrible but it was the right thing to do.
Me: i didnt do anything
Pat: I know. im sorry.
Me: thank you :(

I felt hopeless, so I took my walk down to the stream with the mini waterfall.