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Quotes by Cheshire Kitten*

I heard somebody whisper "Please adore me"
And when I looked the moon had turned to gold.

I need some help I guess. I'm feeling guilty now and I didn't even think I was doing anything wrong. I need someone to talk to because the person I want to talk to is the one person I can't tell.
It's all just smoke and mirrors baby
So let's sit down and roll another
Cause when the mirrors start to break
All we're gonna see it's Hell.
If all of this is just a dream
Then please just let me sleep
Because reality could never be
As wonder as this dream of you and me.
I just want to lay my head
on someone's lap and have
them pet my hair till I fall
asleep because that's the
sweetest most comforting thing ever.

Reloj no marques las horas
Porque voy a enloquecer
Asylum-grade mood swings: Weeee!Gonna kill myself! Existence is futile. Having fun! Need a cup of coffee.
"When darkness falls
an angel cries
blood of innocents
will fill the streets
and death will overtake
the world"
Yes, that's the keyword,
the most awful word in the
English tongue. Murder doesn't
hold a candle to it and Hell is
only a poor synonym.
-Stephen King-
I still feel like death, but I'm out of the hospital for now. I'm sorry I've been gone. I love you babe!