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Does anyone know any good stories on here? Thanks. (:

The Boys
Chapter 4

"Well? What are you all staring at?" I asked raising my eyebrow accusingly. Everyone continued to gape at me untill I turned my face of curiousity into my trademark glare.
"Alexa Burge, is in a crop top." Lanna exclaimed and came violently running to me.
"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. I so did not need all this attention, so I pulled my tee-shirt that I had brought with me, because when you're with Savannah, it's always safe to have one. I slipped out of my crop top and slid it into my bag, then I put on my soft cotten comfort colors tee-shirt that was a shade of scarlett, made to look like it was old. This shirt is my favourite shirt. I stepped out of the bathroom as someone grabbed my wrists. Again. 
"Didn't think you could get away from me that easily, did you?" Steven purred, He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.
"I was hoping too." I rolled my eyes and walked to my car. I had a tail...I turned around and saw Steven behind me. 
"What? I really hate parties." I said as I slid into my driver's seat. Then to my distane, he slid into the passengers. I sighed.
"Why won't you leave me alone?"
"Because, Alexaaaaa Dahhhliiinnggg." He paused for a moment. "You'reee simply alllluuuuurrrriiinnggg"
He gave me the slightest smirk and buckled up. I had a feeling this boy was going to give me several problems.

Oh gosh. you all hate me. I haven't updated in forever, I'm so sorry!

Today, he put his number in my phone.
He already knew my passcode.

I've never told it too him.

The Boys
{Sorry, I`m lazy, and don`t feel like messing with the fader today, do you mind?}
Chapter 3

"What are you doing!" I scrame{?} at the top of my lungs.
"Listen, Alexa. I know your here for hacking into the CIA when you where fourteen. I need you to hack into something, for me?" Steven asked in the most flirtatious voice ever.
"Why the flip would I do that?" I asked angrily spinning around and pinning him to the wall.
"Because! I need to see if M16 has any information on my dad! He`s been missing for months!" I saw his bright eyes lighten and let him sink to the floor. Did I mention his absolutely adorable accent? It was british. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. 
"Okay." I said regretting every minute of it. 
"Thank you so much Alexa." He smiled a very soft smile that was intoxicating. 
"So I heard there was a welcome party tonight, for us guys...go with me?" he asked. I blushed a little bit. Wait..No. I don`t like this guy. I don`t.
"I guess." I sighed.
We walked through the walls of the building showing him everything he needed to know, the we took the secret elevator downstairs to the sleeping area. I showed him wear he would be sleeping and he said that he would come by mine and Savannahs room later to head to the party, it was in Lanna`s room. I went inside my room and changed into a party outfit, We didn`t have to wear our lesson requirements then, so everyone went crazy.
Later that night after I got ready I heard a knock at my door.  At first I was a little self concious to open it because Savannah had convinced me into wearing a crop top, so my whole stomach was exposed, but I opened it anyway.
"Dangg girl! You clean up good!" Steven said checking out my body.\
"Whatever." I said  I was very annoyed. 
"I`m gonna go change." I said covering my stomach and turning around, but my wrist suddlney was in a tight hold. 
"No, don`t worry. You look fine." Steven said giving me a cocky smile. 
"Okay then..." We started walking down the hall torwards Lannas room. When I opened the door and went in everyones eyes where on us . And believe me, being a spy, this was not a pleasent feeling.


Sorry for not posting in forever, I`m just worried you guys dont like it. :/

The Boys


Chapter Two;
The first boy immediately took a seat next to me. Again, I rolled my eyes. 
“Hey. My name`s Steven.” He said in a very smooth and laid back tone. 
He had a very soft smile on his face and he had the most adorable dimples…or that`s what my best friend, Savannah Losfinger whispered in my ear.  By then, all of the boys had taken a seat, there where about 50 of us. Around 30 of them. 
“Well, CIA, you going to tell me your name?” He raised a honey brown eyebrow.
“Alexa. It`s Alexa.” I said with sigh.
“Okay, Alexa.” He exagerrated my name to sound like: Alexaaaaaaa
I rolled my eyes.
“So, CIA, be my tour guide?” Asked Steven.
“I guess.” I took a deep breath and got up to wave my friends goodbye. But, they where already surrounded by a bunch of good looking boys. Was I the only one who saw how serious this was? They where boys. As we where walking through the hall he immediately pinned me against the wall. His hands right above my CIA badge. 


The Boys
Sorry this didn`t come before chapter 1

Only some people can learn the easy way. Me? Oh, I learned the hard way . What am I talking about exactly? Well, I work for a, you might call it. Okay, okay, Fine. I work for the Central Intelligence Agency. That`s right, you heard me. The CIA. I am one of the younger operatives, and I haven`t exactly had a chance to prove myself. Just, I`m a recruit...I`m only seventeen. Oh wait, I`m forgetting something.  My name is Alexa. My friends call me Lexi. I`m guessing you want to know how I got in here? I hacked into the CIA`s top secret computer base when I was fourteen. 

The Boys

Chapter One;
As Mr. Polygard went on and on with todays Covert Operations lesson, I nearly fell asleep, And I would have if the alarm didn`t go off. No, I`m not talking about an alarm clock. I`m talking about the code silver. A code silver is when a trespasser is about to enter the building. What building? To the public: RedCrystal Insurance. To us? Pod 1A for the CIA Operatives in training. Anyway, as the alarm was blaring, and all of the class items where turning around and spinning to create our Insurance company, the most insanely hot guy I have ever seen walked in. I instantly hated him. Did I mention I`m part of the all girls program? All of us panicked until my Aunt Maria walked in. My Aunt Maria runs our little operation. 
“Relax, everyone. Rupert, turn off the alarms. ” My Aunt Maria said as easy going as you can get in a situation like this. 
My Aunt Maria is in charge of all of the High School recruits, like me. 
professor, who is he?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.
“This, my dears, is one of your new class mates.”
We all gasped in horror as my own aunt presented to us the one thing we didn`t know how to handle, or hack into. A boy. A large group of incredibly hot boys. Everyone immediately began fluttering their eyes, applying lip gloss, and sticking their chests out. I felt bad for the girls with stains on their shirts. We don`t have a uniform, but we are required to wear white tops, black bottoms, and black shoes. I rolled my eyes. This was going to be a long year.  


sorry about the spacing, witty messed it up, but anyway, heres the outfit Alexa`s wearing. 

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