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Quotes by PrettyXPrincess

Other people can let you down
But it is you who has to suffer the fall.


We are evil by nature.


*On the internet*
Me: I'm feeling poorly, should look it up.
Me: I have brain cancer.

When a random girl
calls your bestfriend their BFFL,

and you're just standing there thinking of
ways to murder her.

Today there was
wind, thunder, warmth, heavy rain
and then finally cold.

British weather, 
gotta love it.

They say that time

Heals Everything.

But they don't know you,

And The Scars You Bring.
*In school*

Me: *Nibbles on food near crush*

*At home*

Me: *Inhales a plate of food in 1 minute*

Me: *Sneezes*
Class: *Silence and crickets*
Popular girl: *Sneezes*
Class: Oh, God bless your innocent soul and protect you from that horrible sneeze.

Doctor Who: YOLO? Never heard of it.

How others see you is not important, 
how you see yourself means