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Quotes by PrettyXPrincess

To Big Bang Theory fans,

why can Penny (waitress) afford her
own apartment,
whilst Sheldon and Leonard (scientists)
can not?


Dear mosquitos,

bite me where ever you want,
but please don't fly around my ears. 

- Sincerely, the human race.

Pick up lines #1

Boy: Yo, girl is your name Google?

Girl: Uhm no, why?

Boy: Because you got everything 
I've been searching for.


10 for series (:

Its hard to forget someone,
who has given so much to remember.


In the morning:

Me: I'm so tired, going to sleep early tonight.

At 03:00am

Me: *Bloodshot eyes* I'm never going to log out of Witty.

The other day in PSHE:

Teacher: The average person spends 3 - 4 hours on computer a day.
Me: LOL, you mean people with lives.
Me: Oh wait...

My thoughts before I shower:

Me: I don't want to.
Me: It'll be too cold.
Me: Why is my brother screaming.
Me: Haha, he fell.
Me: What song am I going to sing.
Me: I should totally become a singer.
Me: Where did I leave my clothes!?
Me: Oh, I'm holding them.
Me: Ok, I'm going in.
Me: I don't know whether to be happy or miserable.

*While in shower*

Mum: Open the damn door! I'm desperate.
Me: I'm naked.
Mum: I don't care, who do you think used to clean your butt.
Me: Fml. -____-

My school photo
looks like a mugshot.

In other words, I look like a psycho.

Everytime I walk near them

she gets all cuddly with him.

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