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Sky's not the limit.

Hi I'm Mat.

To everyone who's requested layouts on my site, I need to tell you that I'll make those layouts soon, real soon, just not now because I'm really busy.

Stay awesome.


Quotes by PurplePinkDreams

I don't always give my best.

Do you know why?
Because if I did, people would create an image around me.
They'd know how my mind works.
They'd know what to wait for.
They'd know what my next move would be.
They'd predict me.
They'd expect things from me.

And I don't wanna live up to anyone's expectations.

Person on Facebook: 
My mom: Get off the computer!
Me: *tumblr gif link*

Me: No
Me: How dare you
Me: You can't
Me: This is not for you
Me: Stop
Me: I mean it
Me: Get back in your cage
Me: Seriously
Me: The exit is to the right
Me: Or you can jump out the window
Me: Don't forget to make a gif of you jumping out the window okay
Me: Bye

My mom and I were sitting on a bench, out of a fast food store.

Me: Yeah
Mom: Ok
Me: So
Hot guy comes and sits RIGHT next to me.
Me: *sips milkshake*
Mom: SO which bra are you going to wear tonight at the graduation? Your shirt is a bit see-through so I think you should wear the beige one!
Me (under my breath): Shut. up.
Mom: Blah blah blah bras.
Me: *glares at her*
Mom: Do you know this dude?
Me: *dies*

Five year old me:  I want to become a mermaid!
Fifteen year old me: I said mermaid, not whale!

How I ruined some guy's pick-up line:

Him: Did it hurt?
Me: Huh?
Him: I said, did it hurt?
Me: Ohh you mean my nose piercing?
Him: What the.. I was gonna say.. um, nevermind...

Half true story.

Me: That's right b.tches, I'm the queen!
Me: *dances like Josh Nichols*
Me: *clicks on the notification*
Me: It's me favoriting my own quote...
Me: *stops dancing*
Me: Every time!

Me when I have school the day after: *pulls an all-nighter*
Me when I don't have school the day after: *goes to bed at 10 pm*

I just want someone to smile at me

I'm sick of hipocrisy.

I'm sick of people doing things just because they have to.


I don't care

yes you do darling...

you always did


Why do I always have to love

impossible people