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Look at the stars

look how they shine for you

Megan. 16. Music and drawing is my ecstasy.


Quotes by dearoceantown*

live a life less ordinary



just keep swimming


 Happy 16th birthday to m



A sociopath who solves 
crimes as an alternative 
to getting high


a mad man with a box


We may only have tonight

But till the morning sun, you're mine


get lost in the music



I don't want to be alone anymore


you don't know how lovely you are


I haven't been on witty for 2 years
This website, in my opinion, has changed for the better. there may have been more likes on quotes, but people wrote them for the wrong reasons. I feel like now, people will write more meaningful quotes about their lives. I even think that I will log on mroe often, because I have been needing an outlet for my anxiety. i'm so happy to be back and to see the improvements that has been made on this website. 

see you soon,
 megan xx


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