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Hello! I'm Quote.
I created this account to rack up notifications! However, there has to be some rules to make this fair. I will not just be favoriting any quotes or following any people, there has to be some quality that i like.

The Rules:
-As i previously mentioned, the quote/person must have a special quality for me to fav/follow.
-I follow everyone that follows me back!
-I try to do weekly shoutouts to deserving users
-I am now doing raffles once a month

What's new?
- I will be doing a monthly raffle where i choose 3 of my followers randomly and they get a shoutout!

Quotes by Quote

wan.der.lùst (noun)
def- a strong desire to travel.


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Comecome, kiss mboy


Don't worry about a thing,
  because every little thing
--------------   is gonna be alright.    --------------








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you are your own person. express yourself in any way that you desire. after all you've only got one life, live it to the fullest.

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I'm going to do something splendid now!
Once a month every month (or so i'll try) i'm going to put all of my followers into  a raffle and then randomly choose 3 to give a shoutout to. I'm going to do this tomorrow. If you want a chance to get chosen, follow me! 


everything  will    be  okay.
if you have hope and trust,

anything can go your way.
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