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Quotes by QuoteBook123

He's just so tempting,
He's addicting,
I'm like an act, i can't help it, I keep going back
I've Liked You Since I Met You 
People throw the word sorry about to much.
Go ahead, pretend you don't care.
I know it's a lie.
I know you're going to miss me as your friend.
Sad thing is: I don't miss you. And I never will!!
I'm Gonna Tell You One Time ♥
I've been there to catch you every time you fall, this time I'm going to just let you hit the ground so you know what it's like without me in your life.
Music isn't just a form of entertainment.
Its life.
I'm not looking for the one that's perfect, just the one to make it worth it.
Life's a dance,
You learn as you go...
Sometimes you lead,
Sometimes you follow
I'll be your lyrics if you'll be my melody, I'll be your soundtrack if you are my movie.
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