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Quotes by RandomGirl42

Sorry Steve,
The Stanley Cup belongs in Chicago

I don't regret what I did,
I only regret how I did it.

How to destroy a person:
1. Grab a sledgehammer.
2. Smash their phone.

At 2. AM on a Sunday
I am the most ambitious unicorn, I mean person, alive.


I see all these quotes, about how people have lost/gained pride in humanity,
And I'm just like.... oh that's a nice leaf.

I'm just trying to get an honest answer here, what's highschool really like? And what exactly do you need? I wasn't really given a school supply list... other people are no help and lets face it you guys are smarter and'll probably tell me the actual truth.

I'm sorry I ever left you for that other social networking site, *cringes* Facebook. But I'm back now and I'm not going anywhere. Anti-Social sites are so much better.

BravoSierra's format

                                                That everyones quotes are now centered in the middle (and wider) instead of being on the left?

You know you're poor when
you get excited when a limo drives by

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