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Quotes by Raxin

Perfection has more than one state.
If tears are salty, why don’t they sting our eyes?
Maybe they do, but we’re already crying, so we don’t notice.
A worried mind 
seeks anchor
such as
even a lie
might provide
to limit
its wandering.
If your card is stolen, please call the number on the back
and report it as soon as possible so we can deactivate it.
I'm a member of the LGBTQH community, 
specifically the H part.
It takes a lot of editing work to get right to the point.

It takes a lot of editing to get right to the point.

It takes a lot of work to get right to the point.

It takes work to get to the point.

It’s work getting to the point.

Getting to the point is work.

My problem is I believe love.
I don't believe in love, but I believe it.
That means I don't think it exists, but I fall in it anyway.
I feel like there's a thing. There's a switch.
I'm with a girl, and something happens.
I feel like we're in an irresistible agreement,
like snapping magnets.
I feel like something so special that it's the
most special thing in all of reality is happening.
I feel like we're connected, like we're family by choice,
like we're friends so great that trust isn't even a concern,
as my right hand wouldn't hurt my left hand.
I believe the feeling.

It's not true.
People are drawn together because of evolutionary conditioning that reinforces any processes leading to offspring. Those processes include emotional ones. Emotions get triggered and make us do things, but they're not real. They goad us. They manipulate us. They trick us. They're just sensations, sensations produced internally by our own physiology.
A hero is someone who risks personal safety to protect others.

Whistleblowers are heroes.
weaponized stupidity
weaponized ignorance
weaponized loyalty
weaponized pack-think
weaponized fear
weaponized gullibility
weaponized people

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