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yeppers peppers this is 'murika dammit
Teacher: I'm gonna miss you guys when you graduate! You're gonna have to come back and visit us!

Me: I won't miss you! I'm never coming back to this dungeon! I'm free sucker!
Age is a number but maturity is a choice

and i didnt choose maturity!!
awkard momnet #5

Running into your ex with their pretty new girlfriend


i don't know why gurls who are 12 years old get all up set becuz a guy broke up with them

YOU'RE 12 FREAKIN YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WASNT GOING ANYWHERE

And yes by the way this is inspirational to the dramtic 12 year old

They made this a free country for a reason so quite hiding in the shadows and express yourself! It doesn't mater people think about you! What matters is what you think of yourself! Do you feel good letting people decide on something that you had a great idea for and you never told them? Do you really feel like yourself or do you feel fake? Truth is if your acting like someone you're not for your friends than they're really not your freinds
I decided to read some inspirational quotes today. One really popped out at me. It was posted by someone named lovecrazy, this quote was so beautiful, so sweet, that I creid. I realized how many times I've felt that way. I'm so glad I that was having a bad day today because if I wasn't I wouldn't have read that quote. And I wouldn't be able to say that I'm not alone in this world other people feel the way I do. 

I only hope that my quote makes lovecrazy's day just like theirs made mine
The most painful feeling in the world is to love someone with all your heart, and to know that no matter what you do, they won't return your love, because they already share that same feeling with someone else
I don't know how much pain I can take, but I do know that no matter how hard I try I can't stop loving you
And sometimes I'm sorry for it
The moment you realize your oldest friend, is also your fakest friend.
It's moments like these that can ruin ones life.