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Hi, My name is Anna,
You can buy me a cake and 20 candles on July 17th.
Im an awkward penguin. Deal with it.
 I am in love with One Direction. 
I have a weird obsession for moustaches .
I have a pet unicorn, Her name is Isabella Rose. After my Witty Wifey.
My Witty Wifey is ''Bizzlebelles'' I love her so much.
We also call ourselves ''Witty Moustache Buddies''

I also have a Witty Sister: beckyanne1995
I also have an Awkward Penguin Buddy: xxanewbeginingxx

STATUS (16/6/12) ...
  i'm staying,

lol, how are you all?



HACKED BY bizzlebelles 
Firstly, I would just like to say that Anna is my awkward penguin, and you cannot have her (:
Also I love Anna ♥
Dear Anna, hello Wifey!
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, you’re amazing! And drop dead gorgeous!! Freaking hell woman gimme some! :O
I’m in your bra? Sounds fine to me ;) ♥tehehe
You’re beautiful inside and out and I will always be here for you, you deserve the very best :3
(^cute ducky face :3♥)
Oh My Penguin. You are so amazing :)
I love seeing your name in my notifications, even if we haven’t spoken for ages, because you remember me.♥
You mean so much to me♥
We will be old together and still talk on Witty even when we are infinity years old.♥
I love you to the stars and back then to the moon and back then to the sun and back then around eevveerryywwhheerree because I love you so much Wifey.♥

^^that was what I wrote in a quote when I hacked you, now I'm adding more :3

I'm so proud of you for starting the whole, 1 comment on your page = 1 week without cutting idea, it's so smart!! And I'm gonna comment on your profile sssooo much now.♥
Growing old together with our 144 cats, not 72 because there is two of us and 72 times by two = 144 (calculator) hehe ;)

AND.. you're always there for me when I need you (:
once again, :3 cute ducky kisses face♥
Love you Wifey♥♥

PS: I am honoured to be named after your pet unicorn :3 ♥

aanndddd MOUSTACHES! we can be witty moustache buddies because i just love moustaches absolutely to death! if i was a guy, i would have a moustache coz they're so sexayy ;)

i love youuu, youre amazing and you make me smile and you make me laugh and we are freaking babin' ;) we have awesomely random convos and youre just the best and always here for me :) loveyouu



Quotes by Runaway_love

I feel alone at times, Like I need somebody to be there for me, to love me, to care for me, to hold me when I'm upset, Someone I can see myself having a future with. And that one special person that is going to change my life, could be you.

Do you want me to stay on witty or leave witty?

I'm leaving witty.

Jenna Marbles #5:
Now we're not going to crack the eggs because thats abortion! 

Jenna Marbles #4:
Drunk Jenna is no different from Normal´╗┐ Jenna

Jenna Marbles #2:
Unicorns aren't mythical creatures, they're horses...
dressed up in landshark costumes!
 Unicorns aren't mythical creatures, they're horses...
dressed up in landshark costumes!  

Niall: I like girls with brown eyes

Liam: I like girls with blue eyes

Harry: I like girls with two eyes


Louis: I like girls who eat carrots 

-not mine and i added the last bit