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Hi, My name is Anna,
You can buy me a cake and 20 candles on July 17th.
Im an awkward penguin. Deal with it.
 I am in love with One Direction. 
I have a weird obsession for moustaches .
I have a pet unicorn, Her name is Isabella Rose. After my Witty Wifey.
My Witty Wifey is ''Bizzlebelles'' I love her so much.
We also call ourselves ''Witty Moustache Buddies''

I also have a Witty Sister: beckyanne1995
I also have an Awkward Penguin Buddy: xxanewbeginingxx

STATUS (16/6/12) ...
  i'm staying,

lol, how are you all?



HACKED BY bizzlebelles 
Firstly, I would just like to say that Anna is my awkward penguin, and you cannot have her (:
Also I love Anna ♥
Dear Anna, hello Wifey!
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, you’re amazing! And drop dead gorgeous!! Freaking hell woman gimme some! :O
I’m in your bra? Sounds fine to me ;) ♥tehehe
You’re beautiful inside and out and I will always be here for you, you deserve the very best :3
(^cute ducky face :3♥)
Oh My Penguin. You are so amazing :)
I love seeing your name in my notifications, even if we haven’t spoken for ages, because you remember me.♥
You mean so much to me♥
We will be old together and still talk on Witty even when we are infinity years old.♥
I love you to the stars and back then to the moon and back then to the sun and back then around eevveerryywwhheerree because I love you so much Wifey.♥

^^that was what I wrote in a quote when I hacked you, now I'm adding more :3

I'm so proud of you for starting the whole, 1 comment on your page = 1 week without cutting idea, it's so smart!! And I'm gonna comment on your profile sssooo much now.♥
Growing old together with our 144 cats, not 72 because there is two of us and 72 times by two = 144 (calculator) hehe ;)

AND.. you're always there for me when I need you (:
once again, :3 cute ducky kisses face♥
Love you Wifey♥♥

PS: I am honoured to be named after your pet unicorn :3 ♥

aanndddd MOUSTACHES! we can be witty moustache buddies because i just love moustaches absolutely to death! if i was a guy, i would have a moustache coz they're so sexayy ;)

i love youuu, youre amazing and you make me smile and you make me laugh and we are freaking babin' ;) we have awesomely random convos and youre just the best and always here for me :) loveyouu