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HI, I'm Carmie.

Quotes by RuthiedaCat

If life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,
                                   Just remember that ...

You still got a thousand reasons to smile.


Awkward Moment:

when you sneeze so hard it squeezes a fart out of

you, and you just hope to God that the sneeze was

loud enough to cover the fart sound, but somewhere

in the back of your consciousness you know that

it didn't.



You have no idea how much you'll miss someone till they are really gone.

I went online and noticed a comment he wrote on my blog 3 months ago.

He asked me: " what do you think about me?"

without a thought, I instantly replied him that

"he is the most lovable person in the world. he has the most awesome personality, greatest taste in music, most considerate and walks into your world when everybody walks out. Not to mention, no matter what happens he will always be there for you, comfort you and sort the problems out for you. He will tell you stuff that he would tell no body. He understands you and he's the kind of friend that everyone should have. simply because eric is awesome and no words in the world can describe the way I think about eric." 


I just realized how much I try to forget about this, and him and the memories we shared.



he is still the eric I once said he was and forever will be.



Make sure you read this if you're watching after me from heaven.

I love you, Eric.




so that



Things are broken for a reason
and sometimes, there's no way of fixing it no matter how much you wanted to. Afterall, they were never meant to be fixed anyway.

So please, let me go.



I don't know why... 

but I just find it hard

to like myself.

How did you do it?

~ RuthiedaCat




Our story 

You hugged me from behind,called me by the most embarrassing names.
Looking at you differently than everyone else in the world,I pulled onto your sleeves just to grasp from falling into my insecurities.
you told me to take care of myself, but I ended up doing things I shouldn't be doing,
You entered into my life, when everyone walks out.
I hated you when we first met,
I thought we could never be anything.
we fought for stupid things.
we don't see eachother everyday,you told others how miserable we are,
you stuttered when you tried to recall the last thing I told you.
we called it off.
we easily said our breakups.

Now, our fingers interlocked...

and your "I love you"s will

remain forever.


~ RuthiedaCat


Septum Problems

  I wish I had a dollar every time I hear

" You have such a nice face, why would

you do that to your nose?"





won't  get  you  a  new  friend... just saying.


How to find out if a girl is right

for you: Text her " I lost my

phone, can you call it?"

If she calls, move on.

ANSWER: (because how can you lost your phone if your texting her... she'd be dumb to call you.)