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Quotes by Sandrasaurus

You should've been here
Should've burst through the door with that
"Baby, I'm right here" smile.
And it would've felt like,
A million little shining stars
Had just aligned.
And I would've been so happy.
the moment i knew - taylor swift


Lazy lover find a place for me again.
you felt it once before, i know you did.
backseat serenade - all time low

  The worst things in life
    come free to us.
                  The A Team - Ed Sheeran

Some people believe in God.
I believe in music.
Some people pray.
I turn up the volume.
Hello, you guys may or may not be aware of my new layout site and I want to get the link out there because I've seen a few people looking for a place to get compatible layouts. No, I am not asking you to use them, I just want anyone looking for layouts to know their options. -Sandrasaurus
if you use one, comment on my profile por favour.

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So many words left unspoken.
So many feelings left unshown.


Once upon a time,
                                                                       i believed in fairy tales.


There are so many things
I want to say to you.             If only I knew how to      say them.


you know what sucks?
when you really want to tell your crush that you like him, but you fear his response.


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emz17lover | chapter 0
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