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Hey guys!!
As you may have guessed Im not going to tell you much about me...

But i LOVE Witty...
Witty is my drug and i am an addict.
I want to say thank you to everyone who has faved any of my quotes, it makes my feel speciaaalll =D
I want to shout out to Sumi, she is the best mate ever and is always there for mee =P
I follow people that inspire me!! 
Stay amazing!!

Hack by jacob

Hey people, its jacob here

Im here on an awesome girl's profile

well, Ruby never stops talking and i feel better
when i talk to her

shes funny and makes me laugh out of nothing
its just that no words can describe her that
how impressive and good she is !!! :)
"Never miss talking with her

Ruby is just simple,splendid and amazing
thats how I can describe her
bye for now

signing off.... :)

Well Hola! It's Allie here! Or Loopy23!
You always make me laugh with your crazyness!
You have amazamundo taste in music! WHOOPWHOOP
Fall Out Boy!
We share the band... But she gets Patrick Stump becuase she wants him (;
Mwahahahaha so my gal Ruby is da bomb!
If you mess with her I will get my Mongoose babies after you ok? ok.
You should follow Rubes (New nickname in da house) Because she's just PERFECT!
It's a CRIME if you don't follow her.
So get hitting de follow button ;D
Loving you!



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Quotes by FallenAngel*

If I say "I don't know, let me look" 
I'm really just spinning around in my chair a few times while you're on hold.


Hamsters are like cigarettes.
Perfectly harmless unlit you stick one in your mouth and set it on fire.

Dear Boys,

You say that you're always friendszoned by us girls but have you ever stop to consider why? Maybe we know you like us, but we don't like you like that, so we don't say anything because it could affect our friendship. A friendship that might just mean everything to us. 
Sincerely, the Girls.

People without passwords on their phones are the
strongest and most terrifying people you'll ever meet.

I rock the homeless look all year round.

That awkward moment when a moment isn't really awkward but then some awkward person just says "Awkward." Then that awkward moment, that wasn't really awkward just becomes awkward. Awkward. 


What if tatoos randomly

appeared on our skin

at key points in our lives

and we had to figure out

for ourselves what they



Good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


Laugh at your problems; everyone else does.