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LAWL hey ♥ Im Shay, Im 16 and taken ♥

Quotes by ShayThoo

Kids Then:
Mom can i go play with friends?
Kids now:
Im totally f**cking face-booking this.
*At the end of exam*
Me: Relax b.itch its a pen, not a gun.
Girl: How much do you love me?
Guy: Well look at the stars and count them. Thats how much i love you.
Girl: But it's morning.
Guy: Exactly.
His Smile.
His Eyes.
His Voice.
His Laugh.
His Warmth.
His Existence.
I cared. You didnt. I cried. You laughed. I was hurt. You smiled. I moved on. You realized what you had. Too late.
There's only 1 thing
2 Do
3 Words
4 You
I Love You❤
I think it's funny how the people who treat you like crap grt offended when you finally do the same things to them.
Yeah. You Can Talk To Me,
Make Me Laugh And Say The Sweetest Things.
But How Many Other Girls Are You Doing That To?
The Party Don't Start Till I Log In.