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Hello, my name is Shelby. I'm 16 years of age, I turn 17 on the 28th day of June. My boyfriends name is Stephen, he is super amazing. I know girls talk about how "in love" they are with their boyfriends but they never last long. Stephen is different, he is sort of perfect <3 and we are perfect for each other. We play xbox together and he won't admit I'm better than him at some games(; 
My best friends name is Carson. I love her to death she is just super amazing and I don't know what i would do without her!(: We are so delightfully strange when we are together.(: 
Of course, most people don't know my crazy side until they get to know me, usually I am quite shy.

Not really much else to say about myself so.. follow me! I'll follow back(:

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Don't we all have that one
best friend that we believe
is our long lost twin sister ?.
If anyone was to 
eavesdrop on a 
between me && 
my best friend . . 
thewill think
we're lesbians .
Can I please get on xboxlive WITHOUT getting a hundred random guys friend requests?

Ever   have   your   parents   ask  you  who you   are   t e x t i n g ,

                                           and you have to think of someone they approve of?

Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?


Well give it back.

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 I  love how my boyfriend

 realizes that I won't accept
 a promise unless he 
extends his 


My boyfriend and I have been dating
for 6 months
and I still smile like
an idiot when
he texts me "good morning beautiful"♥


My teacher thinks I'm taking notes..

I'm actually
making Witty quotes.. ♥

Today I beat my personal record
most consecutive days lived..



follow me:)♥ i'll follow back ♥i'll follow you back(: 


Dear Chocolate Commercials,
No one eats chocolate in slow motion with their eyes closed..
Sincerely, Normal People.