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Hello, my name is Shelby. I'm 16 years of age, I turn 17 on the 28th day of June. My boyfriends name is Stephen, he is super amazing. I know girls talk about how "in love" they are with their boyfriends but they never last long. Stephen is different, he is sort of perfect <3 and we are perfect for each other. We play xbox together and he won't admit I'm better than him at some games(; 
My best friends name is Carson. I love her to death she is just super amazing and I don't know what i would do without her!(: We are so delightfully strange when we are together.(: 
Of course, most people don't know my crazy side until they get to know me, usually I am quite shy.

Not really much else to say about myself so.. follow me! I'll follow back(:

ShelbyBabs's Favorite Quotes

What comes before part B?



Words that will probably start a


Hey, you guys wanna fight?


Water is so dangerous that it's the #1 cause of drowning in the world. In addition to that, everyone who is exposed to water has died. I think we need water control laws.

Always borrow money from a pessimist...
He won't expect it back.
I got a dig bick.

You that read wrong.

You read that wrong too.

And you read that last sentence twice to make sure I didn't trick you again. 

;) <3
*Girl I hate opens a bag of candy in class*

Me, thinking: B/tch better have some for the whole class.

Her: I brought candy for the whole class.

Me, thinking: B/tch brought candy for the whole class. She can't suck up like that. Give me candy. I still hate you.

Why won't you let me get over you?
It's not like you want me...
People aren't toys.
You can't just play with them and then put them back in the box when you're finished.
I was gonna tell a gay joke...

butt f/ck it. 


not meant to offend. fave for a series. follow for a follow. 
I hate 9/11 jokes...

They're just plane wrong. 


not meant to offend. fave for a series. follow for a follow.