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I'm 14, and love to read, write, and smile!  I live out in the boonies of West Virginia, but have tons of fun.  I love all kinds of music; country, pop, Elvis!  I have two smaller sisters, the smaller of which is evil!  I appreciate it if you read my quotes, a lot of them are very important to me.  I love hiking, gardening, jigsaw puzzles, swimming,ooh and Spongebob!  I still watch PBS almost every day, and I love being a kid.  I really like school (even the learning part).  Most people think I'm nerdy, but I'm proud of it!  I love playing football and hide and go seek tag.


Quotes by SmilesEverywhere

Rocks aren't afraid of water
And they sink.
So I think we should all follow the rocks' examples.
People say having faith means believing in something that seems impossible.
I have faith in you and me.
You don't deserve me.
I'm not the girl who could go to your games and cheer you on.
I'm not the girl that all your friends would be jealous for.
You don't deserve me
And I don't deserve someone who doesn't need me.
Even the Mighty Oak,
started out a
like you.
You have to collide
to have the eyes of a kaleidoscope.

Meaning to type
"popping popcorn"
and accidently saying
"pooping popcorn"
Popping a bag of popcorn for a healthy snack
Then smothering it in 2 cups of butter
Chef Boyardee
The mom stopped cooking savior
How can you get so upset about something that isn't real?

Well, because I wish it was.

When the boys in your class spend the entire ride on a field trip
whipping themselves with Twizzlers
You know something is seriously wrong with the male population.