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Hey my name is Vita. I'm offically a high school senior. I love reading graphic novels, rocking out to my record player , love Michael Jackson. I want to anything from a writer to owning my own bookstore. I want to travel the world one day and want to make the most of everything in life. I love God and life is awesome . Live every day to the fullest and I'm always free to tale. Keep  being SUPER AWESOME ! - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

Quotes by Storyofmylife586

Ok so I have discovered my old witty account and turns out my old laptop has the old password. Ever look back on your posts and think: Wow, I was one moody teenager ? It's like travelling back in time!
                                                                                                   Look there's been something on my mind for a while
                                                                                                                                          I like you. A lot.
                                                                                                          Everytime I see you I am insanely happy.
                                                                                         Every time I rest my head on your shoulder or get to touch your hand
                                                                                                                                    I feel butterflies
                                                                                       I want to hold your hand, talk for hours on the phone, to be your girlfriend
                                                                                                           I suck with words and I have no idea how to say it
                                                                                               As we spend time together I get confused and jealous
                                                                                                                            When other girls are brought up
                                                                                    And I feel hurt when you leave too soon without looking back
                                                                                                                               I know you may not like me back
                                                                                                                          And it's ok if you don't
                                                                                                                      But just remember what I've told you
                                                                                                         And if you do like me please say it.
Jamming in the morning

Jamming at night

I breathe in the song

Flourishing my life 

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High School Is No Longer...Its the start of a new era 

Whenever I'm crying the world slowly begins its way back to the clarity I once knew
That feeling when all exams are done and SCHOOL IS DONE
I just want to cry
High School feels like a disease that never goes away