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hey guiseeee. I am Savannah and I am Harry Styles unicronnnn(: And I have  5 friends. Social right? Yeah, i honestly have no clue what scoial life is anymore since one directio tumblr witty and so many other blog sites. Ermm.... so basically I love one direction don't like it and don;t like that I post about them all the time GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN. Oh yeah did I mentioned I have a gay bestfriend who shape shifts. So yeah its a crazy life. Follow me I always paullow backkkk. Thanks love xx

Quotes by StylesUnicorn32499

Typing "lol" in a text but your face has less expression than a brick.

Mirrors cant talk and lucky for you they cant laugh either.

That moment when you realize all your friends are gorgeous and you are just a potato.

[] Taken []Single [X] Mentally dating a celebrity that has no idea about my existence.

That awkward moment when your the friend who is always giving dating advice but your still single.

Running up the stairs like a gorilla because its easier that way.

I hate when I am trying to sleep and my mind is like " hey you know what is a great movie? Paranormal Activity"

A virgin older than 11 is like a unicorn. Rare.

I loved you without you even knowing. <3 And know I'm falling for you again.

Growing old doesn't mean growing up.