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Chocolate (who doesn't?) , music, Books, Internet, Soccer, Witty, Dance Moms, Mob Doctor, Elementry, Pitch Perfect ( Fat Amy is Hilarious), Sarah Dessen, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Photography and Swimming.
Other Things About Me:
I dislike onions, my favorite sport is soccer and My maturity is that of a four year old.
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Quotes by SuperSpazzy

That moment when 
The snow and the sun work together to momentarily blind you,
And your eyes won't stop watering
It isn't the Christmas tree
Or the holiday carols.
Neither the snow
or the tinsel
that makes this holiday special.
It is the spirit inside of everyone of us,
the spirit of giving and joy
that makes this time of year
burn brighter than all the rest.
The definition of false hope: The first day of school, which you do nothing. Then, the next day you find yourself riddled with homework
Does anyone else NOT remember how or when they found witty?
That moment when you're using a gluestick & you spend so much time covering every inch of the paper, that when you try to stick it onto something, half of the glue is already dry. -_-
Hey school,
[I know it is a little late]
But I was wondering if we could reschedule.
Summer is going to take longer than I expected.
Why don't you go slip into something more comfortable,
like a coma.
When I get really annoyed with  my mom, this is what I do.
Supposedly, I don't communicate enough. So, I tell my mom that I have an account on this website called Witty Profiles. Then, I proceed to tell her that my quotes reflect my most inner emotions and thoughts. The last step is to find all of the weirdest quotes I can, read them to her and leave her utterly confused.
I know, I am an evil person.
 wonder what would happen if you say
what yo
u want to say
& let the words fall out
honestly, I want to see you b
e brave <3

Shouldn't the word sticky describe something with the same characteristics of a stick? Because it is literally the word stick with a y attached to it.

Sincerely, confused