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I haven't been here for a while, so I'm sure as hell not going to make this pretty. I have no layout - although I used to change it every week. I have quite a few Quotes that got onto the Top Today page back when you needed at least five hundred hearts to make it into the top five pages. This website has gone downhill and it reminds me a lot of a graveyard with a lot of bodies that haven't been buried.

Nevertheless, I am here now, if only to go through my old page and write this biography.

So here we go.

I was born almost seventeen years ago, with injections of salt water into my veins and surgery of smiling at strangers following directly afterwards. I broke my first bone around the time I was seven, when I ran up some steps in the playground. My swimming exam was that evening and I started drowning in the pool - that's what made us go to hospital.

There is a fountain in my town in the middle of a road; we use it as a roundabout or a place to sit and watch fireworks - at least, we did until this year (2015) because they have now put a fence up around it when we have events, because otherwise, someone would throw dye or soap (or both) into the water and it would take a week to clean it all out.

My brother lives in Wales now, which means the back-water town of the lower East of England I live in feels a slight bit more bareable, with a lot more leg room. He is two years older than I am, although he looks two years younger, and we rarely get along. I remember that he tried drowning me once - but the lifeguard didn't notice, and my parents didn't believe me.

I love writing and breathing, as if they were one in the same. I like it when ink pours from veins, and punctation is writen in the bruises. I've always hoped to have that; that everytime I scrape my knee or fall out of bed, I'll find I pool of letters and fonts. But instead, I find blood. Which is far more disappointing.

I hope you're not hoping for anything when you look at my page, because all you'll find is a fourteen year old, stuck in time, in motion, in her mind, and really, I don't think that'll be helpful for anyone.

Quotes by SweatBandit

I just read over our old messages, and my chest started to hurt. Like, really hurt.

And it's not because they were sweet, but because they hurt, and I felt like a crazy person.

Just reading the messages made me realise how stupid I used to be; how little he cares about me now.

I was strange, and annoying - I realised how bad it all sounded; what I wrote; I was always in the wrong.

I really wouldn't be surprised if he hated me right now; for simply sounding like such a crazy person.

Am I the only one who knows that if you hover over the Witty logo,
The header flashes in rainbow colours?

Memories fade, and pictures are lost-
but love stays around forever.


Your knife, my back.

My gun, your head.

If I die, stay away from my funeral.


I'm awesome,
what's your excuse?


She  whispers,  "I'm  afraid  of  falling."

He      smiles,      "I'll      catch     y ou."


Sometimes, I think about my life and just want to kind of bang my head into a wall.


"Frankly, my dear,
I don't give a damn."

If you can see this, you're beautiful. <3 <3 <3


Smart, Talented, Unique Person In Demand

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