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Quotes by TacoLuver

I really don't know why people make a big deal out of break ups through texts. I wouldn't want the guy to see how heart broken I would be if he breaks up with me, and I wouldn't want to see his reaction if I were to break up with him..
He's awkward
I'm awkward
It's perfect
Hey guys, I now have a boyfriend...
And he's not imaginary.

Him: I'm scared to tell you something ;c 
Me: Just tell mee
Him: Promise you won't tell anyone? ;c 
Me: I pinky swear
Him: I.. Like you
Me: And why were you scared to tell me that..?
Him: Because you don't like me back
Me: Why do you like me?? We haven't talked in a while
Him: Never mind.... ;c
Me: Nooo tell me. Don't you dare change the subject mister
Him: I always have...
Me: Aw thats cute(: you shoulda told me sooner
Him: Do you like me back? ;c
Me: Yes
Him: Really...? c:
Me: Yeahh
Him: Will you... Be my girlfriend...?


Hush little baby,
don't you cry,
don't cut your arms,
don't say goodbye.
Put down that razor,
put down that light,
it might be hard,
but you'll win this fight.

Sometimes,I just sit there...
staring at my thighs,as if they were about to shrink...
Don't let me go. 'Cause im tired of feeling alone.
Liking someone doesn't always mean you have to be lovers.
Sometimes you just have to be friends
It scares me to think that I might move soon.
Starting over. Not knowing anyone. I'll be one of those people looking lost.
I won't have anyone to sit with at lunch...
Sitting around a bunch of random people in classes.
It's terrifying.
The only thing that can
beat Kanye West naming his kid North
is Drake Bell naming his kid Taco.
I don't want it to be between me and someone else....
It's not fair because i want you and no one else