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Hey There Gorgeous

Your beautiful & don't let anyone tell you different ♥

Hello Wittians ♥ Welcome to my page, & enjoy your stay (: The name's Tara,   I'm 15 years young & my birthday is  Sept. 6. Birthday twins are hotpinkpolkadots & music4ever9697 ♥ I love my family and friends and am always there for someone who needs me. Cross country is one of the greatest sports because I love runnning ;D  xc, track. I love meeting people on here that live close to me (Pennsylvania people) & talk to me if we have similar interests, I'll comment back (; I love writing quotes, and making people happy. This website is a huge part of my life even though I've only been on it for a short time. & it makes me soo happy when people start randomly following me(: I'm pretty simple, and will talk to anyone (: Fave, Follow, Comment ♥ Love you all & Stay Strong ♥

 One Direction<333333333333333


Quotes by TarBear9697

Why must everyone 
comment on your quotes saying what's wrong with it, why you shouldn't post it & where it should be posted?

It's nice to know

how inconsiderate most of you are.

Someone posts a quote that's

been on Witty 4345386 times

before & ends up being on top


Then when someone makes a

quote, like I did, about

someone who suffered cancer

twice & unfortunately

couldn't fight anymore & I

got 3. Way to show how much

you care.

& I wasn't just asking for

faves or comments, just for

people to know how strong he

was & so people knew about



''Pretty please with a cherry on top?!"

That doesn't work, I don't like cherries.

Rest in Peace Gary

You were a small town boy & loved by
everyone, & everyone was praying for you.
You didn't deserve what you had to go through & will always remain in our prayers.
You'll be an angel in Heaven

I am lost without you by my side.

Tell me more

on how you love your boyfriend

of three days. 


Jenna Marbles
should have
her own TV show
format credit: notyouraverageteenagegirl

The Moment When
you fall for someone & don't even realize it ♥

"It's Friday, Friday

No matter how annoying;
 I still find myself singing it somehow.

Red, white, & blue
represent our freedom

 those colors are
flashing behind us.

The only reason

Louis & Niall

don't have many solos is because

their voices get

girls pregnant


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