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Hey There Gorgeous

Your beautiful & don't let anyone tell you different ♥

Hello Wittians ♥ Welcome to my page, & enjoy your stay (: The name's Tara,   I'm 15 years young & my birthday is  Sept. 6. Birthday twins are hotpinkpolkadots & music4ever9697 ♥ I love my family and friends and am always there for someone who needs me. Cross country is one of the greatest sports because I love runnning ;D  xc, track. I love meeting people on here that live close to me (Pennsylvania people) & talk to me if we have similar interests, I'll comment back (; I love writing quotes, and making people happy. This website is a huge part of my life even though I've only been on it for a short time. & it makes me soo happy when people start randomly following me(: I'm pretty simple, and will talk to anyone (: Fave, Follow, Comment ♥ Love you all & Stay Strong ♥

 One Direction<333333333333333


Quotes by TarBear9697

The awkward moment 


                                                     when you flip your hair but no one gets overwhelmed.


Fave for One Direction

Comment a favorite (:
The unique dance moves

  you create when

 you have to pee. 


The awesome moment

 when a Top Quoter faves your quote ♥


TheHateful mcment 


you can't warm the middle of your pizza


Oh my gosh! I have to like this picture,
because of the person who added it.
Who cares if it's only a piece of bread or if I even looked at the picture, she could have just woken up & yet still gets likes. It could be someone's worst picture with the caption "lookin' totally gross" & they get 130 likes! c'mon!

Does this annoy anyone else?!


Holding your breath & nose when passing someone who's smoking
Just so you don't have to smell, or inhale it.

I don't know about everyone else,
but I dont want second hand cancer from something I never even touched.

I'm insecure,
I know what for
I'm not Danielle, 32 or Elanor-or-or



isn't the same anymore

 All the old original  wit t iers left, and now all

the new people think they know all

about being a wi t t ian.


The best feeling
  is when you only 
have to think of someone
& your day is made.♥

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