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Hey There Gorgeous

Your beautiful & don't let anyone tell you different ♥

Hello Wittians ♥ Welcome to my page, & enjoy your stay (: The name's Tara,   I'm 15 years young & my birthday is  Sept. 6. Birthday twins are hotpinkpolkadots & music4ever9697 ♥ I love my family and friends and am always there for someone who needs me. Cross country is one of the greatest sports because I love runnning ;D  xc, track. I love meeting people on here that live close to me (Pennsylvania people) & talk to me if we have similar interests, I'll comment back (; I love writing quotes, and making people happy. This website is a huge part of my life even though I've only been on it for a short time. & it makes me soo happy when people start randomly following me(: I'm pretty simple, and will talk to anyone (: Fave, Follow, Comment ♥ Love you all & Stay Strong ♥

 One Direction<333333333333333


Quotes by TarBear9697

Hey Witty,
Wanna make this a place for nice quotes?

Well we could start by, when seeing a nasty quote about someone passing it by

and not faving. For example, I may not be pretty but at least I'm not ugly like you.

Because you know the writer of that quote had someone in thought when writing

it, and they may only write more when seeing they get faves. I felt horrible going

down the newest quotes and seeing all horrible things written in them, saying

people are stupid, and ugly. Let's make it stop ♥

Just becase your not plastic,
Doesn't mean your not fantastic.
~Louis Tomlinson ♥


I am Nandos

for Niall ♥


She straightens her hair
puts on her eyeliner,
glosses her lips
& takes one last look
in the mirror,
all for the boy
who will never care.

 is for boys.

 is for men.

No! Jimmy Protested.

Computer died
& for a quick minute I had to adjust to


The real World.
Format By chocolate_monsterx3

Silly S1uts,

mouths are for



Times were simple when
your teachers first name was Mr or Mrs.

& who else

  loves Harry's little dance at the beginning of One Thing ♥

Shot me out of the sky,
your my Kryptonyte!

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