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Hey There Gorgeous

Your beautiful & don't let anyone tell you different ♥

Hello Wittians ♥ Welcome to my page, & enjoy your stay (: The name's Tara,   I'm 15 years young & my birthday is  Sept. 6. Birthday twins are hotpinkpolkadots & music4ever9697 ♥ I love my family and friends and am always there for someone who needs me. Cross country is one of the greatest sports because I love runnning ;D  xc, track. I love meeting people on here that live close to me (Pennsylvania people) & talk to me if we have similar interests, I'll comment back (; I love writing quotes, and making people happy. This website is a huge part of my life even though I've only been on it for a short time. & it makes me soo happy when people start randomly following me(: I'm pretty simple, and will talk to anyone (: Fave, Follow, Comment ♥ Love you all & Stay Strong ♥

 One Direction<333333333333333


Quotes by TarBear9697

the awkward moment

when you wake up from a 5 minute nap & don't know what day, month, or year it is.

what was witty

 before all these people started bullying and fan girling?

What was it like 7 years ago?

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Was that necessary.

I wish you could

how people felt about you


Dear Forever,

You didn't last.

My boyfriend
is as real as his birthday,

 February 30th 

Do you know why it's harder for girls to move on?
 Because after a girl kisses someone a special kind of hormone goes through them, and leaves them attached to that person no matter what that person does ♥



There should be a
Hunger Games
section on Witty

Does anyone else think
 That when boys smile with braces, they look so much cuter ?♥



We got a quote stealer here!

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