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 I hate being normal.. I think everyone does. :) My name is Taylor Lillian.  Im 13 years old and I live in the US. I love my friends and family. ♥ I love to hang out with people, witty, and facebook. I seem a little weird at first but once you get to know me you will relize I am civil. Not normal... Civil ;) Trust me, If your normail your the crazy one. :)

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TaylorLillian98 1 decade ago
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Thanks!! And Good for the 6 Faves, I just took my money in to my church for the fundraiser and broght in 70 % from you guys!! Good job!
stephaniesirens 1 decade ago
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What your doing is amazing :D keep it up
live_love_softball22 1 decade ago
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hey i got 6 faves on the one quote for africa
codysimpson4eva 1 decade ago
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hey! i just wanted to say thank you for donating 50 cent per fav! i was thinking about adopting a country in Africa and trying to change the world! you go girl!(: