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Hello World!
My name is Aurora.

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A few things to describe me.

Well, I had cancer.

I beat it though!


Quotes by ThatOneGIrlYouNeverForget

I h
ave a major crush on this cutie at my school
Problems ;
He t
hinks I hate him because I used to not like him so I was sarcastic and pretty rude toward and around him
My friend used to like him
y other friends hate him
hes kinda rude
I made an idiot of myself in front of him
and to top it all off;
"People aren't people anymore. they're just fake personalities who present themselves to the world."

- D.N
its absolutely terrifying that you might feel the same way about me. or you might not. that scares the living heII out of me.
being friends after you break up with someone is like having your kidnapper release you but they ask you to stay in touch
OMG so this teenage couple was at a coffee shop at the table next to me and the girl was scrolling through her phone and she read "Could you imagine if someone sent you a list of all the reasons they love you?" and she smiled up at her boyfriend and he said "For you that would be a short list." and she started freaking out and asked why and he said "Because i would just write down the word everything."
what's it called when you murder your friend?
"Women belong in the kitchen."
Yeah, and you belong in the shed with all the other tools.
Okay, so I might start a story on here.
It seems fun.
Okay, so here's Chapter 1, and tell me if I should continue.

I looked at my phone in the cup holder as it vibrated, indicating I got a text.
I could make out the words 'Where are you?' on the screen.
I continued driving, only to be held up in traffic.
I took this oppurtunity to text.
My sister had sent me the message.
"I'm on my way right now! See you there! :)" I replied and set my phone back.
I frowned at the long line of cars in front of me, and turned up the radio.
I danced a little in my seat, not to focused on the road anymore.
Suddenly there was the SCREEEEEECH! of a car skidding.
I looked up to see a taxi upside down in the middle of the road.
I rolled down my window and looked out, hearing people screaming.
"What the %#*$?!" I yelled and unbuckled my seatbelt, getting out of the car.
More people were screaming and running past me.
I grabbed a man's arm and stopped him.
"What's going on?" I asked him.
"LET ME GO! WE NEED TO RUN!" He yelled and pointed in front of us.
I looked where he was pointing, and screamed.
These.... things were running toward us at fast, unhuman speeds.
Their eyes were bright purple with white pupils, and a green liquid was oozing out of their mouths.
They had brown flesh that looked rotted, and their clothes were tattered.
None of them had hair.
They smelt like cat food, a year old dead body, and vomit.
I gagged and turned around, only to see the man was running away.
These things were too close, I couldn't run.
I dove back into my car and locked the doors, tears now streaming down my face.
They were banging on the windows, cracking the glass.
I looked around for a weapon, only to see my Lacrosse bag in the backseat.
I lunged for the bag and unzipped it, grabbing my Lacrosse stick out.
I unlocked the doors and swung mine open, bashing the things with the window.
I stepped out and just started swinging.
That didn't work, so I aimed for the heads, and ended up bashing each of their brains in.
I dropped my now bloody Lacrosse stick and sank to my knees, crying.
After a few minutes I stood back up, looking around.
It was deserted.
I sighed and opened my car door, looking at supplies.
I had a smart water, a bag of Corn Nuts, a pillow, and a few blankets.
Looks like I'm gonna live in my car.

Okay guys, please give me feedback! Thanks! Love you! (:
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