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celestialerror* 1 decade ago
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Wow, thank you so much for your comment. You're right, you're never alone, in anything. You can always come to me, or you can just read my quotes if that makes you feel less alone. Either way, I'm honored you feel so strongly about my writing, thank you so much, dear. xx
Vodka 1 decade ago
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-sits on- Hi. <:
free_like_a_bird 1 decade ago
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hello lovie!!! gorgeous profile and nice quotes!!! if you could please follow me and read my stories, that would be the greatest thing on earth. please leave feedback too, good and bad. thanks, bro
ps you're very pretty
nefeli 1 decade ago
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You are SO beautiful. Dont let anybody prove you otherwise. You are nice, and fun, and and beautiful, and gorgeous and I'd love to have you friend. You deserve much more than a boy who ignores you and I wish you THE BEST with everything that happens in your life. And always belive that something wonderstruck is about to happen, well, dont believe it; MAKE something wonderstruck happen. Dont wait for destiny or karma or life to help you. Take courage and make things happen. I wish you ALL the best luck I can in your life. Stay beautiful :* BTW followeed you on twitter