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Quotes by TheCuite

Look At Her Like Shes The Only One You See <3
That feeling you get when you know he doesnt like you anymore...
but you just dont want to bealieve it... 
Life Is Too Short .
My Friend Ryan's Best Friend Died On June 1, 2012
He Got Hit By A Car That Wasn't Watching Where They Were Going. 
He Had A Good Future Ahead Of Him, He Was An Amazing Baseball Player & 
Had Tons Of Friends <3 
Please Like This & Pray For His Family & All His Friends 
RIP Brian Beato <3 
You Will Be Missed Dearly ! 

One Dayyy ...

A 7 Year Old Went To The Pharmacy && Asked The Pharmacist,
"This Is The Money I Have, Can I Buy Some Miacles?"
Confused With What The Kid Asked, The Pharmacist Said,
"What Do You Need Miracles For?"
The Kid Replyed,
"Because The Doctors Said Only Miricles Can Save  My Mom, Can I Buy Them Here?"

Hey you there...
can you stop scrolling for a second?
& <3 this for all the people who have cancer right now <3
&& pray for them for being strong <3 
-ThankYou <3

Dont let the door hit you where mother nature split you !

Fave if you know where this is from <3


Thats awkward moment when...
You && your friends put something on Facebook && its an insider about the girl you hate && the girl you hate likes it...



If you ignore me, i will ignore you.
If you dont start a coversation, we wont talk.
If you dont put in the effort...then why should I?

i love it when my fingers are entangled in yours && my head is on your chest

&& i can hear your heart beat, it makes me feel so safe like nothing bad can happened