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Our book ---- The begining is a series. we will try and post chapters as soon as possible :)

Hi everyone. We are 3 Female sperms connected to a extra large egg :)  No-one can call us losers because got to the egg first :)
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Chapter 2 continued...
Meanwhile Caitlyn walked to the bathroom and went in a cubicle. The good thing about this school was that the bathroom was huge but the cubicles itself was pretty big. Caitlyn walked up to mirror and put her bag on the tabletop. She examined her straight light-brown hair and her hazel eyes and took out her Mascara. She put on one coat. Then another, and then a third one, for good luck. She looked in the mirror again and started to think about what happened last year when the dorm burning accident happened. Caitlyn was so lucky to have not got expelled, same goes for Danni and Jade. She tried to remember what had happened. Jade was having a party, or as she liked to call it a ‘friendly get together’. Since it was the last day of term jade ordered lots of kegs of beer, and enough food to feed the whole army. At that time Caitlyn was dating a hot senior called Ben who she dumped later because he was going to uni. Danni and Caitlyn were drinking and dancing with the guys whilst Jade was making her first move on Mason. They were chatting at first, laughing and making jokes but the next minute Jade ran up to her bedroom, face bright red. Caitlyn and Danni followed her and found her chugging down a bottle of beer and with a load of pills on her palm. Danni went and tried to calm her down but Jade threw a hissy fit and spilled her beer all over the curtains. Danni told Caitlyn to take Jade away when Riley came in to see what the hell was going on. Danni and Riley wanted a cigarette so they stayed and smoked whilst Caitlyn took Jade and dragged her to the coffee machine to keep her from drinking more beer. Danni and Riley started to kiss because they got drunk and there cigarettes were still lit. The end caught on the curtains and the room was on fire. All the boys had to escape and go back to there dorm room and Caitlyn and Danni managed to hide all the kegs. There dorm head, Mrs Patcher found out what had happened and then the girls made up an excuse and they were dismissed. Since then the girls have been really awkward around each other. Caitlyn asked the Danni and Jade if they wanted to spend Summer vacation with her in Spain but the they both said they didn’t want to go. She hadn’t seen them since today morning where Jade went around picking her up for school in her swanky, red convertible. Caitlyn gathered her makeup and put it in her bag before heading out the door. As she was going she bumped in to Lauren, a gorgeous dumb-blonde who was always gossiping no matter what. “OMG! Ahhh Caitlyn babe how are ya?” she squealed hugging her lightly, which let of her Channel perfume. “Yeah I’m good, what about you?” Caitlyn replied. “Oh I’m so buzzing! I can’t believe that we are back! It’s been so long since I saw y’all.” Lauren said jumping up and down. “Yeah I know what you mean.” Caitlyn replied looking a bit distant. “Oooohh Natasha’s here! Tash babe!” Lauren screamed waving and running off to Natasha her best friend. Caitlyn sighed and took her phone out checking for any new texts when she bumped into someone. “Hey watch were you’re...” Caitlyn trailed off as she saw a girl about her age with long curly brown hair and grey eyes. She wasn’t wearing much makeup and was dressed in a hoodie and a pair of jeans. “Umm I’m sorry” Maddie said looking guilty. “Oh it’s okay. Don’t look so guilty, you haven’t committed a crime. Breathe” Caitlyn answered with a smile. Maddie smiled back at her and said “Umm I’m new here, my names Maddie and I can’t seem to find my dorm room.” “Oh okay Maddie what number?” Caitlyn asked. Maddie told her it was room 129 and Caitlyn showed her the way. Maddie went in and dropped her bags on the floor and stretched. “Oh that feels good.” She sighed. Caitlyn giggled and asked Maddie to go downstairs with her to meet the others. Caitlyn liked the look of Maddie and thought she could be a good friend. Caitlyn and Maddie went downstairs where they saw Jade and Danni talking to some sophomores. “Hey Caitlyn were did you go?” Danni asked Caitlyn slowly walking towards her. “Oh I had a little chat with Lauren and then bumped into Maddie. She’s new.” Caitlyn said with a small smile towards Maddie. “Hi everyone.” Maddie said catching a few smiles and waves here and there. Jade thought to herself that Maddie seemed to full of herself. She wanted to talk to her but then resisted and tried to seem cool. Suddenly everybody’s head turned to see there head of dorm, Mrs Patcher come in. Jade was now sure on who was going to be her dorm buddy. She just waited until Patchy called her name.
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Lauzza: Omg! Tash what is patchy wearing?
Tashaa: EW! It’s the most hideous thing she ever wore!
Lauzza:  Ugghh you don’t say. Babe I hope we get buddied up together!
Tashaa: yes same or I’m gunna freak! 0.o
Lauzza: patchy’s coming this way! -__-
Chapter 2
Jade Burn walked through the heavy oak doors with her entourage: Caitlyn and Danni. She was looking out for any hot freshman’s but it was Danni who spotted one. She went off skipping to get his number. That just left Caitlyn and Jade together. Jade broke the silence first, "look Caitlyn, after the dorm burning incident, I feel like I can trust you more than Danni. I know that you were defending me and Danni so I really appreciate it. I'll tell Patchy that I want to room up with you.” Caitlyn looked up at Jade with a half-smile but was kind of confused why Jade was suddenly trying to sweet talk. She was definitely up to something, Caitlyn thought. Danni ran up to them, waving a piece of paper at them. “Oh Danni you got his number?" sniffed Jade pointing to the piece of paper. "Yup! I might call him later. He was totally cute!" she squeaked jumping up slightly. “Oh Babe sorry to burst you bubble but we are juniors now remember. you really don't need a cute freshman when you can have a hot senior or a junior like us!" Jade screamed. She was the kind of girl who always got exactly what she wanted and it seemed like it's worked again as Danni threw the piece of paper, glumly, at the recycling bins. Caitlyn decided to change the subject as she said “Jade, why don't you tell Danni what we were just talking about?" Caitlyn smirked, but Jade was frowning. "Oh...umm...we... We were just talking about y'know how we should just forget about what happened last year. We should just leave the past behind us." Jade exclaimed with a satisfying grin. Danni smiled and linked arms with them and replied “yes you're right babe. I'm so happy that we can move on now and just be how we used be. 3 girls against the world." Jade laughed and Caitlyn giggled. “Umm I think you mean St Lewis." said jade raising her eyebrows. Caitlyn suddenly looked away and just tried to remember how they were the best of friends but now, they were all just drifting apart." Umm guys, I need to go to the bathroom. Be back in a sec." Caitlyn said as she unlinked her arms with them. "Okay then, we’ll come with you." Danni shouted at Caitlyn, who was running towards the main doors. “No need for that." she shouted back. Jade rolled her eyes and took Danni's arm abruptly. Danni's big, grey eyes looked up at Jade's pretty blue eyes. “What’s up with Caitlyn?" Danni asked. “dunno Babe, but she was acting weird since I picked her up." answered Jade. “Maybe she is hiding something from us. Any who guess what?" "What?" Danni asked. “Well, as you saw Caitlyn's been acting weird and I don't want to room up with someone like that. So how about you and me share a dorm? Patchy gave me the decision last year and I want to choose you." Jade asked looking at Danni's surprised face. “OK if you say so, but what about Caitlyn?" Danni questioned and faced Jade. “She can find someone." declared Jade, biting her Lancôme juicy lip glossed lips. Jade flicked her straight shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and swung her blue Burberry bag and walked into the main hall. Danni did the same, swishing her curly black hair and straightening her purple summer dress and ran up to Jade.
      To be continued...    

Graffiti, cigarettes and alcohol bottles; this is how Maddie is greeted in St Lewis Boarding Academy. The only thing that is comforting her in this slightly overwhelming situation is her nearly-bald dad and her blue iPod blasting out her inspiration, Michael Jackson. She was dressed in a grey Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie and her favourite dark rinse Miss Sixty skinny jeans. She followed her dad through the pathway, into the mahogany gates. She walked through the narrow corridor with her dad as he led her into the principal’s office.
 The principal greeted Maddie and her father. `Welcome to St Lewis Boarding Academy. My name is Mr Atterson and I am the principal. Mr Brown, we’ll provide a good education for your child and all the necessities that she would require. I’m glad that you chose our academy for your child and I hope to see you soon! Thank you very much. ` Said Mr Atterson very proudly. Maddie’s dad hugged Maddie and excused himself and exited the room. `Ahh Miss Brown! Now do you prefer Madeline or Maddie? ` Asked Mr Atterson. Maddie hesitated and squeaked ` Umm Maddie sir. ` Mr Atterson slightly chuckled. `Well Maddie, here is the St Lewis guidebook which has all the do’s and don’ts of being a saint.` He smiled broadly at Maddie. He handed her the guidebook and held the door open. ` Okay Maddie, now if you take the next left you will reach the girls wing which we like to call ‘The St Catherine dorms’ and then to the right are the’ St Christopher dorms’ which is the male side of course.`  Maddie slightly blushed. `Oh thanks sir.” She quickly replied. Maddie headed out the doors, she tried to think whether he said right or left because she was so nervous that she didn’t hear a word he said. Her heart was thumping, her mind was racing and her ears were drumming; that’s how nervous she was feeling. Maddie was so confused she headed for the right side. The odds are 50:50 that she will end up in the girl’s dorms. She looked around, the wide corridor was red and it seemed to get louder and louder with every step she took. Just when she was about to pass through the double doors a voice from behind her said, ` Are you sure you’re a dude? I mean like your wearing skinny jeans. ` Maddie turned around slowly to see a tall-ish boy with a slightly crooked smile. She adjusted her hoodie so it covered her ears. He looked at her hands, ` You’re wearing nail varnish too! ` Just as Maddie was about to reply he interrupted her and said ` whoa! You got some quality mobs there!`  He leaned forward and jabbed at Maddie’s chest. Maddie slapped his hand off her chest and pulled done her hood to reveal her long wavy brown hair gleaming in the beam of the sunlight coming from the stained glass window behind them. He took a step back and checked her out. As he did that a wolfish grin spread across his face. Maddie thought to herself ‘Why are boobs the only thing that keeps a guy happy?’