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Quotes by TheJealousOne

one of the greatest challenges in life
Is trying to be yourself
In a world that's trying to make you into
someone else

Today I am going
to be amazing
Along with
every other day

Unless I change my mind

Just remember
Everyone you meet, is
afraid of something
loves something
and has
lost something.


A dream doesn't come true through magic.
It takes sweat, determination and hard work

- Colin Powell

I'm thankful to all those who said 'no.'
It's because of them, i did it myself. -Albert Einstein

I may not be perfect,
but parts of me are awesome

Am I the only one who is scared of people popping a balloon infront of me?

You're not funny.
You're annoying.

Dating me:
1. You can literally kiss me whenever you want...there will never be a time,i'm not down for that cons of dating me.
2.i have no idea how to kiss, so it's probably gonna be really lame for you i'm sorry.

Not my quote/credit to 1Dfan

I live to love