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 Finnish girl called Anni, 16 years young.
One direction
Bruno Mars
Ed Sheeran
Panic! at the Disco

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Quotes by TheOtherDirection

                                    Girl: Nothing here is cheap!
                                    Boy: Except you.
                                    Girl: Believe me, I'm not cheap.
                                    Boy: Fine... Free. Whatever.

Worst thing after waking up?
Everything untill I go to bed again.


It's funny how even on witty there is an ''Elite'' group for people with 500+ followers...

                                    Friend: Blah blah Voldemort blah blah
                                    Me: *Gasp* He who shall not be named
                                    Friend: Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort....
                                    Me: ...
                                    Me: Seriously stop it, you shouldn't be saying that.

Some guy on facebook:Thought I was at a Nicki Minaj    
                                  concert for 20 minutes untill I realized that I was watching a  
                                  homeless guy scream at a pigeon.


The nice part about looking like an ugly potato is never having to deal with heartbreak


Asking  British people to say bonaaana's instead of banana's


!Listening to the Take Me Home album for free on iTunes!

                               The Simpsons
 Here's another picture of all the Germans we killed
                            Grandpa: That flamethrower really was a blast haha

                            Lisa and Bart: Ew! Grandpa, how do you sleep at night?
                            Grandpa: They drugged us 

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