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Hello, my name is Megan, and I hope that you enjoy my quotes!

Quotes by Harley Clown*

Someone told me that I have quiet intensity... is that good or bad?
In English class we were having a discussion about The Great Gatsby, and this one girl asked
"Do you think Gatsby is Jack from Titanic?"
Brittle bitter sweet
My mouth it does not eat
My exoskeleton
My darkening undone
Silky silhouette
My kilojewels of debt
With Ana's gentle sigh
I consent myself to die
Ignite a flame so pure
True perfection is the cure
From my temples to my jaw
My scars they hide no more
Oh, sculture with no name
Please decorate  my frame
My jagged spinal chain
My artist of disdain
The beauty that I see in stick and stones and bones
My supernatural fortitude resignating when I'm alone
Averty your eyes from me
A ghostly memory
The lights are on but no one's home my sticks and stones and bones
All that's become of me is a gaunt and ghostly memory, the shadow of a life unknown inside my sicks and stones and bones
I wish the nightmares would go away...
Today, Feb. 3, is the anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson
DUDES!! Steve is following
me and he

mentioned me on his page!!!

This boy fell asleep in my chemistry class, so this girl put purple lipstick on him.
It took him so long to even realize he had it on him
There's two types of death for book/ movie/ tv characters
The type where you grab the tissues
And the type where you grab the popcorn