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{[+]} Netflix, Supernatural, Fringe, Haven, Monk, 
Psych,  music, Seether, Sick Puppies, Hollywood
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{[-]} bats.hit crazy fans, people that suggest Dr. Who to
me daily (I don't f.ucking like Dr. Who, stop telling me to
watch it. it is not the best thing to happen to the sci-fi &
fantasy genre so stop please.), --

will add more +'s and -'s eventually.
(haha I totally haven't added anything since I did this.)

Quotes by Dishonored*

knock knock!
who's there?
dishes who?
dishes sean connery
it takes more than blood to be family.
I said I'd never abandon witty... juggling work, my boyfriend (who lives in an area that only gets verizon service.. I don't have verizon), and studying has really shot that to hell
I went on vacation for a week
because my sister and her girlfriend
came home to get married and it was
kinda a big deal. I told my boss that
it was fine if I couldn't get the entire
week off, just as long as I had the
wedding day off. she gave me the
whole week. now she is sending 
me comments like "cyrstal refuses
to work another 14 hour shift because
she did all last week just so you could
have off." like, you can't give me days
off where I offered to work and then
make me feel bad for having off. time
to start filling out applications again.
so, apparently even tho at 17 you need an adult with you to go to the doctor's because you aren't an adult, you're adult enough to be charged $301 for that appointment and have it haunt you and your credit score years later when you're an actual adult.
when the guy you fancy is working on your car and you're trying to help (by picking up things he drops because you lack any real skills), but instead you accidentally slam your head into car door mirror a few times (as in more than once) and get stung on the by a bee (because why not?)
so my mom told me she paid all my doctor bills from forever ago when I didnt have a job, and I havent gone to the doctor ever since, and yet I have bad credit despite never having a credit card because my mom never actually paid it. lmao. like you could have told me that months ago so I could have worked on NOT being $800 in debt. i didnt even want/need the doctor. she forced me to go for a bunch of stupid crap. ugh, i hate my life.

my aunt broke my car door. which resulted in me breaking my phone. which means I have to spend every dime I earned to fix both of those things. all because I was a good person and lent someone my car.

I hate when people I hate have nicer things than me. especially when I have to work for my crappy version and all they have to do is pillowtalk their boyfriend. I'm a bitter person.

so, I have come to the conclusion that work is making me lose my mind. apparently things I think happened two days ago was last month. I'm so tired. send help.