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Hey guys im Mickey, im 16 and from a small town, and this is my witty profile. You’re welcome to creep around it and im always up for making new friends. Love to hear from you, im always here for you. Thanks for visiting.




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If nothing
lasts forever
will you be my

For most of us,
witty is like an online diary
I need your opinions, thoughts or advice...
I'm in a situation where my parents no longer allow me to tlk to this guy that  i have become really close friends with. THey wont let us date yet because they feel like im not ready.I can deal with that because its not permanent but what im worried about is him getting bored waiting and finding another girl. this is the 2nd time we've been told we can no longer talk and last time he went and starting tlkin to other girls. This time however he keeps saying he ain't goin any where.... THis is where trust come s in.... should i trust him and stop worrying or what. i'm super nervous bout loosing him again because he might get bored.

Kiss me if I'm wrong but
dinosaurs still exist, right?



If the whole world
was blind, how may people would you impress?

When you catch yourself
singing a song you're suppose to hate.

And the sad thing is...

you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.


Tell someone, "you wore that
shirt the day after yesterday" and see how long it takes them to get it.


started from the bottom now i'm even lower
Do you know what really makes me smile?
My facial muscles.