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Okay, so some of you read my story 'Up All Night' which is a One Direction fan fiction. It's becoming a little confusing for me so instead of posting it here, you can read it here:

There you can vote and comment on my story. I'll be writing more tonight, and perhaps now. I have a lot of stuff planned for the future. 

Also thank you to all those Wittians whom are reading my story. I will post a new 'Quote' here everytime I make a new chapter for the story. 
a one direction fan fiction ♥ chapter 3

"Oh come on, you have to go. It's Harry Styles we're talking about."
I shrug and glance down at the pink heels Megan has forced me to wear. I trip once in a while, but besides the falling it's okay. I step in front of the mirror and look at myself. My hair made into a sleek ponytail, and the pearl white mini dress fighting perfectly. I fold my arms over my chest and turn to look at Megan. I glare at her and sigh.

"You look great," She says.

"I can't do this. I'm dating Brian."

"Look, he doesn't have to know. And this is just a friendly date, like just a friends. Or strangers."
I shake my head. I couldn't just go and do this behind Brian's back. If he ever found out, he would be furious. His face appears in my mind and I close my eyes. His soothing voice, telling me what I have done. I open my eyes again and breath.


Brian couldn't hate me for this. If Mila Kunis asked him out on a date, he for sure wouldn't have refused. I mean, it's a famous person we're talking about. Megan shows me a seat and I sit down. She takes the eyeliner and does my waterline and upper line, pretty much all around my eyes. Then she does my mascara. I open my eyes and stand up, placing my arms on the sides. Megan gives me a thumbs up as a knock on the door comes. She throws me my purse and pushes me towards the door. I take in a deep breath, waving for Megan to go hide in the closet. She hesitates, but finally goes in. I open the door, and standing there looking handsome, is Harry. His curly hair is in it's usual place, his brilliant smile beaming at me. I blush shyly.

"You look lovely," Harry compliments me. I blush even more. I step out into the hotel Megan's staying at hallway and close the door behind me. 

"Thank you," I whisper under my breath. He laughs and reaches for my hand. I pull away and he looks at me confused. I sigh as we continue making our way out of the hotel, having to cover our heads with a black scarf from the paparazzi noticing us. 

He leads me into an old building. At first I was confused, until I saw the candle lights and dining table in the middle. I gasp and he reacts with a smile. Harry, without me realizing, grabs my hand and leads me to the table. He pulls my seat out and I sit down. He sits facing me, the light from the candles enchancing his face. I look down shyly.

"Are you hungry?"

I nod. A waiter comes by and gives us a plate of spaghetti. I look like a fool while eating this kind of pasta. Or any pasta in general. I gulp and take a bite, trying my hardest not to get a stain on the dress Megan had lend me. I look up at Harry, eating like a slob, but somehow it's very attractive. I giggle and he glances at me with puzzled eyes. My eyes go back to staring at the spaghetti. There's an awkward silence until Harry breaks the wall.

"Are you having a good time?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Well it's going to get better." Right then Harry claps his hands and in the middle of the room comes a spotlight. He stands up and offers his hand. I grab it, not knowing what is in store. He leads us under the spotligh and slow music comes on. His hands reach up to my waist and I push him gently off.

"I'm sorry, but I have a boyfriend."

"Oh," Harry looks down, disappointement written all over his facial expression. I feel so bad.

"But we could still dance. Just as friends..."


He re-places his hands on my waist, but we keep our distance. He stares at me into the eyes and smiles. I blush admiringly. I place my hands behind his neck and we slow dance. One name keeps running around in my mind. Brian, Brian, Brian. I shake my head and drop my arms. I run out the building and into the streets of New York. I couldn't go do this behind Brian's back. He wouldn't trust me anymore.

"Lucy! Lucy wait!" I hear Harry shouting my name behind me. I don't stop. I keep running. Then I notice something. I forgot my purse. I turn around and Harry isn't in sight. I couldn't go back to the building, Harry would just find me again and beg me with his charming eyes and accent to stay. And there was one more problem. 

I'm lost.

- - - - -
Author's Note:
Great. Now Lucy is lost in the big city of New York. And she forgot her purse. Now she's lost on the streets, no money, no cellphone. How will she ever get back home?
Spoiler: The pouding of the rain hits the box. I cover my head.
a one direction fan fiction ♥ chapter 2

"So, you're telling me you met Harry Styles, one of the hottest british boys, and he gave you his number?" Megan asks puzzled. I nod and stare blankly at the paper. His number was inside. His hand touched this paper. I nod, still confused and happy it had happened. If it wasn't for my small bladder, I wouldn't have met him. "Are you sure it was really him and not some random dude looking like him?"

"I'm sure."

"Well then, there's only one thing left to do. Call him!"
I open the paper and the flashing of numbers appear. I take out my cellphone and type in the numbers. I press call and wait for him to answer. I put it on speaker so that Megan could listen also.


Megan's eyes widen and she bites her fingers. The sound of his charming british accent runs in my head. 

"Uh, hi."

"Who is this?"

"It's Lucy, the girl who bumped into you at the amusement park."

"Ah, why hello love."

I squeal a little and so does Megan. We cross our fingers, hoping he did not just hear that. I bite my lip and look at Megan, wondering what to say next.

"I was wondering love, if you'd like to go for dinner this Saturday?"

My almond-shaped brown eyes look up at Megan as she prances around the room, slow dancing with an imaginary Harry. I shush her quiet as she began singing a song in a high pitched voice.

"Uh, sure."

"I'll pick you up at 7, see you then love."

He disconnects from the phoneline and I gasp, not blinking. Harry Styles, asked me out on a date. Then a familiar, loving face ran through my mind. Brian.

"I can't go," I say shockingly. Megan walks over to me and sits down, confused. She tilts her head, causing her summer blond curls to fall into her face. She  brushes them away and glares blankly at me.


- - - - - 

Author's Note:

Okay so Chapter 3 is up, yay. 
Is Lucy going to go on the date with Harry, or wil she stay loyal to Brian.
If you want to be notified for the story, just fave it and I will notify you each time.
Teaser: I look down at the pink heels.

a one direction fan fiction ♥ chapter 2

I smile holding Brian's hand as the group and us wander around the amusement park, searching for rides to try and scream on. I notice a roller coaster ride and point to it.
"We can go on that one," I tell them. They look up and Liz grips tighter to Mario's arm. He laughs and hugs her tightly. She gasps a little for air as a joke and we all laugh.


We walk towards the ride and wait in line for about 20 minutes, until I realize I shouldn't have drunken that extra-large soda. I poke Brian in the arm.

"I need to go pee," I say standing awkwardly. He nods and I run off to the bathrooms. I make my way into the stalls and look for a free one. The stench of dying cows fill the air. I try and block the smell, but it is horrific. I do my business and wash my hands after. I walk out the stall and glance at myself in the bathroom mirror. Good. As I walk out, I notice there is much more people than there was before. It was completely crowded. I feel a little dizzy and shake my head. I stare around and can't recognize anything. I reach for my phone in my purse, and realize I left it with Brian. I slap my palm in my face, ashamed of my foolishness. I wander around, searching for the group or the roller coaster. I spot them nowhere. As I frantically pay no attention, I bump into a stranger. I look up into their mezmerizing green eyes before realizing who it is.

"Harry Styles. Yes, that's me."

I can't speak. I absolutely adored him. I shake my head and feel my cheeks turning into a burning red color. I look back up and realize he was still staring at me.

"Sorry," I say backing away, apologizing for bumping into a world famous hot british singer. He shrugs and laughs a little. I giggle awkwardly and stand there, biting my lower lip. "I should, uh, get back to my, uh, friends," I say slowly, still taken away by his sudden appearance. 

"Here," He says handing me a little piece of paper. The feeling of his hand touching mine was magical. I look back up and he's gone. I stand there, being pushed over by a couple of people. I hear my name being shouted out and turn around.

- - - - - 

Author's Note:

Sorry Chapter 2 is a little short, but keep on reading. I'll try and update the story everyday, but sometimes excuse me if I'm *dundundundun music comes on* banned from my laptop.
Me me me me me.
I'm random.

Teaser: Then I remember Brian. His face runs through my mind and I think of what I've done.
a one direction fan fiction ♥
Here's a little prologue of the story:
I sat in the blazing summer heat, fanning myself with my right hand. I looked around and see the students filled with excitement. Last day of school. I finally will have finished college for good. No more staying up late, studying. No more stress or pressure. Just fun and relaxation. My auburn hair is blown back by the refreashing breeze and I sigh, closing my eyes. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around.

"You excited for tomorrow," Brian says hugging me from the behind. I nod and rest my head on his shoulder. Tomorrow, we were meeting up with his band friends and their girlfriends at the amusement park.

- - - - -

I wake up and look over at the alarm clock. It read exactly 8:00 am. I quickly stand up and jog towards my closet. It creaks open and I cringe a little. I rumage through my clothing, trying to find the perfect amusement park outfit. I spot a loose white tank top and a pair of beige shorts. I shrug and pick it. I tip toe my way into the hallway of our house, knowing if I make a sound my parents will wake up. They are not early birds. I peer down both ways and cross the hallway into the bathroom. I lock the door, just in case, and start washing and changing. I apply my makeup after, just a little bit of mascara and eyeliner, and start deciding how to wear my hair.

"Hair up, or hair down," I whisper quietly to myself. I make my hair into the perfect messy bun and add a light pair of beige feather earings to top it off. I brush my teeth and spit out the toothpaste. I give one more glance it the mirror, wink at myself for looking so good, and step out. I jog downstairs and grab my purse and swing it over my shoulder and across my chest. My parents already know where I'm going, and afterwards I'm coming back home at around midnight. 

"Looking good babe," Brian compliments me as I sit down into his black Porsche car. 

"Thanks," I giggle. His foot lightly presses down onto the gas pedal and the car roars a little. He backs it up out of my driveway and onto the road. We make our way past some little shops out of town. I burst with excitement as I point out the amusement park from faraway. Brian laughs and I smile. He keeps his deep brown eyes on the road ahead as we make our way off the highway and into the large parking lots for the amusement park. I jump out of the car and run towards Charlie and Megan. They greet me casually.

"Calm down little jalapeno," Mario comes out of his car, calling me my nickname in his spanish accent. His tanned arm his around Liz protectively and he kisses her gently on the forehead. She smiles and waves at me. Liz came from Mexico, and she didn't know how to speak english so it'll be a bit awkward.

- - - - -

Author's Note:
So, how'd you guys like it so far? I know it's a bit short, but it'll be good. I promise.

Spoiler:  I wander around frantically, searching for the group. Great, I lost them. Suddenly I feel my hands on a stranger's chest and look up...

First you'll need a piece of paper and pen.
Second you must write the numbers 1-10 along the left side of the paper with the pen.
Write the answers next to the numbers.

1.) Your first name.
2.) Your favorite singer/actor
3.) A numeral body part (eex; legs, bones, feet)
4.) A numeral object (ex; tables, laptops)
5.) A number. Any number.
6.) Another numeral body part.
7.) An animal of your choice.
8.) A famous person.
9.) A job.
10.) An object. 

Then write this sentence down using you're answers:

My name is ___(1)__ and I am in love with __(2)______. One day we poked each others _____(3)_____ while eating ____(4)______.

I also have __(5)___    ___(6)_____ 

My mother is a ___(7)_____ and my father is __(8)_______. 
One day I will finally become a ___(9)____ but then I will die in a __(10)____ accident

comment your answer below!
There was a Back-To-School-Commercial
and the girl kept shouting,"I hate Kevin!"
so i couldn't help but shout,
" Don't you dare hate Kevin!"
directioners will understand.
My Father
is watching a show about ghost hunting.
I guess I won't be sleeping tonight.
I just want to be sure that I will have readers, so the story won't look like a unread loner.
The story will be called:

a one direction fan fiction 

Here's a little prologue of the story:
I sat in the blazing summer heat, fanning myself with my right hand. I looked around and see the students filled with excitement. Last day of school. I finally will have finished college for good. No more staying up late, studying. No more stress or pressure. Just fun and relaxation. My auburn hair is blown back by the refreashing breeze and I sigh, closing my eyes. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around.
"You excited for tomorrow," Brian says hugging me from the behind. I nod and rest my head on his shoulder. Tomorrow, we were meeting up with his band friends and their girlfriends at the amusement park.
Little did I know, tomorrow I will meet the band of my dreams. And fall in love with one of the members.
- - - - -
♥] if you would read the story and would like to be updated. 
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