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Ahh~ this was once a cozy spot to hangout in...
Thank you for all the memories Witty.


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say goodbye

people always wonder why, id hind away and always seem shy
but they dont know the truth about me
the mask i hide behind
i cant seem to find a single sliver lining 
cant seem to find some hope
and all my dreams crash and burn
and i dont know why
but its time to say goodbye
goodbye to the past
of what i had left
its really time to let go
holding on
for sometime
learned that its not worth the fight 
its time to say goodbye

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I could watch you
for a single

 and find
a thousand things
that I love
about you.


girls are


i am so sick of living in the city. I despise the traffic, the pollution, The Crazy amount of people and the constant grey skies. I want to be able to see the stars at night, i want to be able to take long walks on lush green grass fields not on cracked pavements and littered streets. I want to be able to sleep in silence without hearing the round the clock vehicles driving by, the ear splitting cars alarms, the blaring sounds of sirens and the voices of the late night roamers. I want some peace, some quietude, some detatchment from by boring, repetitive and so very mundane life. 

People change

When I shower I pretend that I'm either
• in a music video
• posing for a photo shoot
• starring in a horror movie
• sitting sadly in the rain

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The truth is;
I'm fallin to peices anytime your around.