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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


"I told her I would try and win for her.."

"And try you will."


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.
This page is home of the First Annual Hunger Games.
The Tributes:

~District 1~

  OMGIMATACO:Mareyna Simon

Age; 16

brown, curly hair with brown eyes.

Strong: Inteligent, fast/strong arms. artisic

Weak: trust issues, ungraceful, acts without thinking




orangish hairs, green eyes

Strong: running, strong, aim

Weak: Heights, feeling sorry for others, heat


~District 2~


Age; 13

long blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, five foot four

Strong: fast runner, street smart, survival

Weak:empathetic, acts, THEN thinks, lack of patience 



Age; 12

Strong: Knife throwing, camo, hiding

Weak: climbing trees, archery


~District 3~

katiebug1115:Katie A.


blondish-brown hair, blue eyes, 5 foot


beedabrave2341: Bryanna 


brunette, brown eyes

Strong: hiding, running, quite when needed

Weak: seeing deaths, emotinal, gets scared easy


~District 4~

itslocked101: Rachel L.


brown hair, green eyes, 5’2”

Strong: Hurdling, archery, music

Weak: guns, hiding, being quiet




strawberry blonde, green eyes

Strong: Fast, Very small, archery

Weak: Clumsy, not muscualr, freaked out easily


~District 5~

BieberKate135: Katie B.


medium blonde hair, 5’3”, brown eyes

Strong: making things


emilypeot25: Emily L.


short, blue/green eyes, dark brown hair

Strong: archery, writing, and singing

Weak” Running. math, swimming


~District 6~

Stiff_Smile: Yue


brown hair & eyes

Strong: Intelligent, not a klutz, hiding

Weak:running, strength, hand to hand combat


LoveTaylorRose: Taylor


black hair, colour changing eyes, 5 foot, 1 inch, petite

Strong:survival, witty, works good in tough situation& archery

Weak:short, takes advantage, empathy


~District 7~

Pretty_Is_A_Ugly_Word: Alexa


brown hair with sidebanfs, 5’9” brown. green eyes

Strong: hiding, searching for food, weapons

Weak:running, hand to hand combat, being camera “ready”


lynskywalker: Kaylynn

Age; 12

dirty blonde hair with brown eyes, 5’2”

Strong: hiding,smart, fightings with weapons

Weak:running, climbing, caring


~District 8~



5’4” brown eyes and hair

Strong: smart, hiding, running

Weak: not good with weapons, loud, not good at being aware 


MusicFreak24: Nikki


brown hair with highlights, brown eyes, 5’2”

Strong:Archery, hiding, making things

Weak:running, climbing, fighting


~District 9~

ilovedimitribelikov: Erin Bauer


medium red hair, blue eyes, 5’9”

Strong: loves wilderness, strong, VERY smart

Weak:not fast, not good fighter, never used weapon




dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, 5’7”

Strong: clever, good hand-eye cordination, stamina 

Weak:distracted easily, un-caring, loud


~District 10~

texan_sweetheart:Emily K.


brown hair, green eyes, 5’2”

Strong: Archery, camo, common sense

Weak:confronting people, weapons, tends to panic


hi216: Coco

light brown hair, brown eyes

Strong: running, archery. making things

Weak: empathy, climbing, freaks out easily


~District 11~


Age; 17

brown hair, blue eyes,pale skin

Strong:strong, fast, smart

Weak: low confidence, too kind, tired easily


Farnsworthy: Sarah R.


5’3” medium brown hair

Strong: outdoorsy, can shhot bow, hiking

Weak:Rnning, bad ankles and knees





dark blonde hair, green eyes, 5’4”

Strong: Fast runner, clever, good aim

Weak:scared easily, loud, thinks too much


iloveoneed: Rachel D.


long, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’3”

Strong: climbing, hiding, making things

Weak: running, using certain weapons, empathy 

May the odds be ever in your favor.
I'm Maddy and I love the Hunger Games. I'm an Victor from District 6.

tumblr primrrose.tumblr.com

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Yep, I'm a Victor from the oh so lovely District 6*

*Currently writing, Clove; Girl With The Knives*
It is about Clove, from District 2, and her journey through The Hunger Games :)
*Working on later. THG are going on*

The Fallen:

beedabrave2341, District 3

LittleRavingSquirrel, District 9

texan_sweetheart, District 10

GlamMania, District 2

emilypoet25, District 5

ordinarygirl, District 8

Quotes by TuckersGirl

Welcome, welcome, welcome !
This is the first annual Wittyprofiles Hunger Games!

The Games will play out until all of my "tributes" have

fought to the death & there's a Victor.

But I need MENTORS now too! please  comment here: District, age, name, 3 weak suits, 3 strong suits and how you won your Games!

Welcome, welcome, welcome !
This is the first annual Wittyprofiles Hunger Games!

The Games will play out until all of my "tributes" have

fought to the death & there's a Victor.

I will post the tasks in quotes. I will alert you if a new

task is up.

If you'd like to be a "tribute" please comment on this quote the following:

Name, age, appearance, 3 strong suits and 3 weak suits, and

what District you'd like to be from
, but I will be the one

who decides your District.

If Reaped, I will comment on your profile to talk about

training scores, your opening ceremonies & interview outfits.
(this will be displayed)
I will let you know if you have been Reaped or not within the next day or so.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Just a vent . . . 
  I seriously hate how everybody judges me because I have old self-harm scars. Yeah, I've been clean for a long time now, and everybody STILL make fun of my scars. I can't help it. They're going to stay with me forever. Yes, I make mistakes cutting, but it's not like I can make all the damn scars vanish! If I could, I would! I'm sick and tired of looking at them.
They aren't inspiring?
"Saviour! Will be thereWhen you are feeling alone, ohhhA saviour for all that you doSo you live freely without their harm"
"I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on."

"Wild and running for one reason
They can't stop us from our freedom"
"We’re all told that when we die
We leave to a better place
And all I know is what you left
A love I can’t erase"
"Your voice is proud
Be your saviour now
The battles won for the new religion"

Black Veil Brides
Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 4
     “What the hell! I have three days until I have to do that crap.” I say. “Clove, we don’t get to the Capitol for another five or six hours. I would like to spend extra time working on your...appearance because you seem to need it.” Sihbon responds. I sigh and head off to the personal train box with Sihbon. “Here. slip on these.” She tosses me some heels at least three inches high, and a long, light blue evening dress. I sigh. I change and I start to walk. “Clove, keep your head up. Don’t slouch! No, no, no. You’re walking all wrong!” Sihbon shouts to me. “Sihbon, I have this. I am trying my best. It’s not even a real day to do this! The train is moving!” I scream. I’m heading to the door when I trip over my three inch heels. My face lands on top someones shoes, and I look up to see Cato. “The hell do you want?” I snarl at him. He just shakes his head and leaves. I rip off my clothing and shoes and yell at Sihbon I’m done. I run to my room and cry. I’m not sure why I start to cry. Maybe it’s because even though, no matter how tough I look, I’m terrified to be in the Games. I’m just 15, and I’m no where near ready. What the hell did I get myself into? A knock on the door startles me. “Come in.” I croak out. Cato pops his head it. “You sure I can come in?” he says. I nod and he enters. His bright blue eyes are rimmed with red, and his cheeks stained with salty tears. He’d been crying, just like I have. “Clove...are you ok?” he asks. I begin to nod, then remember my eyes are bleeding tears and bright red, so I shake my head. “No. I’m not ok, Cato. I’m scared. Only one of us comes out, and I want to be the one. But I can’t imagine you being dead. I mean, I love you Cato.” I say and I lean in and kiss him. 

~hey guys. you like it?is it too short?Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I broke my glasses and my face on the floor lol -.- and i just typed this today. more to come later!! :)Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but I will be using quotes from it :)! There will be swearing. Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy

I entered a Hunger Games roleplay on Tumblr, (I was from District 6) and I was thinking "Oh, I'm going to die." But guess what.
I won The Tumblr Hunger Games!

Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 3
    I jumped. “What the hell are you doing?!” I yelled. Cato took a step back. “I was just coming to watch the recaps with you..Sihbon told me to. Sorry for starling you Clove.” he says sincerely. “Hmp. Well, I watched them. District 1 has normal Careers, and 11 might pose troubles. District 12 had a volunteer.” he looks surprised. I explain to him, and show him the video. “Well, maybe we could team up with-” he starts before I cut him off. “Who the hell said I was going to team up with anybody?” I ask him. He looks dumbfounded. “Well, we, the Careers, always team up..or they have in the past at least.” I nod, understanding better. I agree, and then head to my bedroom. I change into black silk pajamas and run the Avox out of my room. I slipped into a deep sleep.
“Run Clove, run!” I hear my mother scream at me. I look back to see large mutant cats running towards me. I throw my knives at the cats, but the deflect back at me. One finds my heart and I jolt awake.
I felt my forehead; it was beaded with cold sweat. Just another nightmare, I think. I look at the clock. 6:00AM. I decide to get up and have an early start at the day. I slip into blue jeans and ruffled black blouse from the closet. At least they provided nice clothes. I walk into the dining car, seeing Cato, Brutus and Enobaria. Sihbon was no where in sight. “What are you guys doing up so early?” I ask. They shrug and continue to eat. At that moment, Sibon rushes in. “It’s going to a big, big, big day today!” She says and she slams down her planner, revealing the days schedule. I looked at it.
8:00A.M. Clove~High heels and dresses.

~hey guys. you like it?is it too short? a little boring right? kinda a cliff hanger ending..hope you liked :) more to come! Clato is shipped ALOT  in the next few chapters. Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but I will be using quotes from it :)! There will be swearing. Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy
Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 2
    I walked into the living car on the train and sat down on the red couch. I clicked on the television and the recaps began to play. District 1 had two gorgeous blondes, Marvel and Glimmer. The girl had volunteered, just as I had, but for an older girl, who was 18. I shook my head, what an idiot. The boy however, was Reaped. His name rang out over the crowd. “Marvel Cornwall.” His tall, lanky frame marched up the stairs. His eyes gave a deathly stare out, daring people to volunteer. No one blinked and eye. Next was us, District 2. “Alexis Reed.” Then I volunteered. Next, Cato was Reaped. District 3 was simple. Two younger kids, 14 maybe Reaped, no volunteers. District 4. Oh yeah, this one should be good. I burrowed down under my blanket to watch. A tall, dark haired girl was on stage in the Victors chairs, accompanied by a tall bronzed boy. The moment the escort Reaped a girl named May, the dark haired gal went insane. She leapt up and stared to scream and cry. The Peacekeepers came and tried to settle her down, but they couldn’t. The bronzed man tightly wrapped his arms around her and drug her off stage. “Well, excuse Annie..she’s a little different!” the escort went on to Reap a boy, 17 probably, named Luke, who was fit, tall and strong looking. It was cut off then, and Districts 5-10 were pretty much the same. Reaped, asking for volunteers, none, moving on. District 11. The boy, Thresh, looked like competition. He had volunteered for his younger brother. Aw, how sweet. Not. The little girl, Rue is what they say, was tiny. Maybe weighing 80 pounds. She had nothing but birds in the back ground for her..I don’t think even I could kill her. The next was District 12, my personal challenge. It all happened so fast,after the Victor, Haymitch, fell off the stage. “Primrose Everdeen.” the escort called out. The camera zoomed in on a little girl, Rue’s size, but blonde. The girl tucked in her shirt tail and began to walk forward. How the hell could I kill her? Surely nobody would volunteer. 12 hadn’t had one in such a long time! Then it happened. “I volunteer!” some girl screamed, “I volunteer as tribute!” My jaw dropped. A girl, probably 16, with dark hair walked up and hugged Primrose. Maybe her sister? She walked up on stage. “Name please?” the escort asked. “Katniss Everdeen.” she answered. “Well, I’ll be my buttons that was your sister!” The escort, Effie, laughed. Katniss nodded. A boy named Peeta, handsome lad too, was Reaped. He stepped forward, and Katniss got a pained look in her eyes. Were they dating? Surely not, he was so handsome and she was..not. They shook hands. The screen was black, and I looked up to see Cato, standing behind me.

~hey guys. you like it?is it too long? oh well. I hoped you liked the Reapings ;) It gets kinda intense after this.. Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but I will be using quotes from it :)! There will be slight swearing..maybe some romance? Hm? Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy
Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 1, Part Two
   My father came into the room to say goodbye. “Clove Pink Rainwell. You were supposed to wait until you were SIXTEEN. Not fifteen! Look, you have to win. For mom,ok? You can throw knives! Get your hands on a set of knives, water and food. You can do this Clove, you can do this!” He wrapped his arms around me, his eyes stinging with tears. So were mine and I hugged him back. “I’ll win daddy, I promise you I’ll win.” The Peacekeeprs came in and pushed my father out of the room. I straightened my blouse and walked to meet Sihbon and Cato, whom I walked to the train with. Sihbon rambled on about how she just knew one us would win this year, she just knew! Though, she never specified who she though would win. We climbed aboard the silver train, and the interior had plush red couches and a large table filled with over 100 different foods, sodas and desserts. We sat down to eat the food, and Sihbon chatted about how she wanted to know abut our families. Cato declined the offer to talk, though I spoke up. “Well, my mother ws Reaped when se was 17, you know. Her best friend volunteered for her. But sadly, she was killed in the Blood bath by District 12’s girl. That’s another reason why I’m not fond of District 12. The left my mother with depression, anxiety and then she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She died last year. I told her I’d win this year for her.” I finished my story, got up and walked out. Time to watch the recaps of the Reaping’s to see who I would be killing from District 12.

~hey guys. you like it?sorry it's so short, I promise the Recaps of the Reaping's will be good ;)! Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy
Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 1, Part One
  The Town Center and Justice building were crowded with well over 5,000 girls and way over 5,000 boys. The escort, Sihbon Joel, was up on stage with out mayor. She had bright blue hair and crazy face tattoos. What a freak. I was herded into a roped off area with the other girls who were also 15. The mayor began how The Hunger Games came to be, about the uprisings, the Dark Days and District 13. He went on for a good 30 minutes before Sihbon called "Ladies first!" Her hand darted around in the glass bowl. My name, Clove Rainwell, was in there exactly ten time. I had I had signed up for the grain a total of 7 times, just to enter my name. She skimmed the surface, mixed the middle and then her hand sank to the bottom. She pulled her light orange skin out of the Reaping Bowl. Walking to the middle of the stage, she read the name "Alexis Reed." A little girl, probably 12 years old, only having her name in once, walked up to the stage, shaking with fear. No way she could win The Games. "Do we have any volunteers?" Sihbon questioned. I hesitated a moment, then stepped forward. "I volunteer." I say calmly, "I volunteer as tribute."
"Well then young lady, step up here please!" The Peacekeepers guided me forward roughly. "Name young lady?" Sihbon asked me. "Clove. Clove Rainwell." Sihbon continued,"Well Clove, you don't look much older than Alexis! What are you, 13?" Now I was furious. I was smaller, scrawny and short. "No, I'm 15, ma'am." I snapped. The crowd laughed at my bitter attitude. "Well, we better get our boy tribute!" She paused, then plunged her hand into the bowl. "Cato Bennit." she called out. A large burly boy pushed forward through the crowd. "No one volunteers for me, or I will kill you." He sneers. Nobody moved. "Shake hands!" Sihbon instructs. We do. His hand is at least six inches bigger than mine. "This years tributes for the 74th annual Hunger Games, Clove Rainwell and Cato Bennit!" With that, we are escorted off the stage, into a waiting room to say our last goodbyes. Only one of us was coming out, and it was going to be me.

~hey guys. you like it?sorry my prologue was blunt and boring. It gets exciting, I mean, its The Hunger Games! Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy
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