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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


"I told her I would try and win for her.."

"And try you will."


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.
This page is home of the First Annual Hunger Games.
The Tributes:

~District 1~

  OMGIMATACO:Mareyna Simon

Age; 16

brown, curly hair with brown eyes.

Strong: Inteligent, fast/strong arms. artisic

Weak: trust issues, ungraceful, acts without thinking




orangish hairs, green eyes

Strong: running, strong, aim

Weak: Heights, feeling sorry for others, heat


~District 2~


Age; 13

long blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, five foot four

Strong: fast runner, street smart, survival

Weak:empathetic, acts, THEN thinks, lack of patience 



Age; 12

Strong: Knife throwing, camo, hiding

Weak: climbing trees, archery


~District 3~

katiebug1115:Katie A.


blondish-brown hair, blue eyes, 5 foot


beedabrave2341: Bryanna 


brunette, brown eyes

Strong: hiding, running, quite when needed

Weak: seeing deaths, emotinal, gets scared easy


~District 4~

itslocked101: Rachel L.


brown hair, green eyes, 5’2”

Strong: Hurdling, archery, music

Weak: guns, hiding, being quiet




strawberry blonde, green eyes

Strong: Fast, Very small, archery

Weak: Clumsy, not muscualr, freaked out easily


~District 5~

BieberKate135: Katie B.


medium blonde hair, 5’3”, brown eyes

Strong: making things


emilypeot25: Emily L.


short, blue/green eyes, dark brown hair

Strong: archery, writing, and singing

Weak” Running. math, swimming


~District 6~

Stiff_Smile: Yue


brown hair & eyes

Strong: Intelligent, not a klutz, hiding

Weak:running, strength, hand to hand combat


LoveTaylorRose: Taylor


black hair, colour changing eyes, 5 foot, 1 inch, petite

Strong:survival, witty, works good in tough situation& archery

Weak:short, takes advantage, empathy


~District 7~

Pretty_Is_A_Ugly_Word: Alexa


brown hair with sidebanfs, 5’9” brown. green eyes

Strong: hiding, searching for food, weapons

Weak:running, hand to hand combat, being camera “ready”


lynskywalker: Kaylynn

Age; 12

dirty blonde hair with brown eyes, 5’2”

Strong: hiding,smart, fightings with weapons

Weak:running, climbing, caring


~District 8~



5’4” brown eyes and hair

Strong: smart, hiding, running

Weak: not good with weapons, loud, not good at being aware 


MusicFreak24: Nikki


brown hair with highlights, brown eyes, 5’2”

Strong:Archery, hiding, making things

Weak:running, climbing, fighting


~District 9~

ilovedimitribelikov: Erin Bauer


medium red hair, blue eyes, 5’9”

Strong: loves wilderness, strong, VERY smart

Weak:not fast, not good fighter, never used weapon




dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, 5’7”

Strong: clever, good hand-eye cordination, stamina 

Weak:distracted easily, un-caring, loud


~District 10~

texan_sweetheart:Emily K.


brown hair, green eyes, 5’2”

Strong: Archery, camo, common sense

Weak:confronting people, weapons, tends to panic


hi216: Coco

light brown hair, brown eyes

Strong: running, archery. making things

Weak: empathy, climbing, freaks out easily


~District 11~


Age; 17

brown hair, blue eyes,pale skin

Strong:strong, fast, smart

Weak: low confidence, too kind, tired easily


Farnsworthy: Sarah R.


5’3” medium brown hair

Strong: outdoorsy, can shhot bow, hiking

Weak:Rnning, bad ankles and knees





dark blonde hair, green eyes, 5’4”

Strong: Fast runner, clever, good aim

Weak:scared easily, loud, thinks too much


iloveoneed: Rachel D.


long, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’3”

Strong: climbing, hiding, making things

Weak: running, using certain weapons, empathy 

May the odds be ever in your favor.
I'm Maddy and I love the Hunger Games. I'm an Victor from District 6.

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Yep, I'm a Victor from the oh so lovely District 6*

*Currently writing, Clove; Girl With The Knives*
It is about Clove, from District 2, and her journey through The Hunger Games :)
*Working on later. THG are going on*

The Fallen:

beedabrave2341, District 3

LittleRavingSquirrel, District 9

texan_sweetheart, District 10

GlamMania, District 2

emilypoet25, District 5

ordinarygirl, District 8